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Get Fine for ’09

This is SO my new motto for 2009! Partly due to the fact that im going to friggin Jamaica in 3 weeks and!!!! and it hasnt been happening…. at ALL. I love me and all but i could love me a little more if there was a little less of me to love if you know what i’m saying. but i guess that’s a story for another time. MOTIVATION MOTIVATION MOTIVATION is what i need. and if knowing im gonna be on a beach in the caribbean in less than 3 weeks time isn’t enough, then i dont know what is. Lord give me strengthhhh.

Ooh ooh, let me introduce you to someone! I actually look foward to wednesdays because of this woman……. Tracie Mae! shes a youtube vlogger who is funny as allll hell, you gotta love her once you start to watch her. She does a ‘wednesday what’s up’ every wednesday which is basically just random blabber and on fridays she has a ‘friday rap up’ feature where she makes up a rap about something different every week. she’s great, yay. She’s also the one thatcame up with the ‘get fine for 09’ thing. Check her out! – oh and she also has a blog –

she was SO on point with this friday rap up:

shes also motivating me with her own weight loss plans, and now ive put my own self on blast i guess im gonna have to make some improvements and show some results so i have something to say for myself next time!

im going to do some crunches real quick….. lataaa!


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Amber Lights

My mum once said to me that life would be perfect for her if it was like a series of green traffic lights, meaning there were no obstacles and you could sail through it with no problems, that everything was easy basically. I didn’t really like that idea and then I realised that I actually want my life to be a series of amber traffic lights. At every stage I want it to be my choice whether the light turns green or red, and if i want it bad enough, I want to put in the effort and perseverance it takes to turn the light green. For me, having them all green is too easy. I mean, it’s nice to have an easy life and not have to struggle but where is the sense of pride and achievement if you never have to work for anything? There’s no fun in that and you can’t measure your talent or worth against anything if you’re always handed everything. Also, it’s nice to have a choice. You might not always want the light to be green, sometimes you might want it to be red. So really, with amber you can never lose…. 🙂

I’m on my loooong awaited 2 weeks off from work now (yay!) and as usual, the time off has got me thinking about where my life is going and what my next step towards the bigger picture is. Trouble is that right now I know what the bigger picture is but I’m not so sure what the steps to get to it are, and they’re just as important. So that’s what I’m working on. Right now I want to be more diciplined. I think that will help me to work on all of the things I need to be doing as well as carry on working hard at my job. No one can say I don’t work hard for my money, cause I bloody well do, but I need to work on things for myself too and for my future, especially as I have so many things i want to achieve. I need to have more faith in myself and what I can do if i’m ever gonna do something with my talents. although its good to help others, its not always good to use your skills building their dreams and neglecting your own. this is a lesson i’ve learnt recently so i’m gonna focus more on making my own visions a reality  from now on.

I love my grandma – not someting i’ve JUST realised, but something I wanted to share….. she has always been my inspiration and always will be but this is confirmed even more every time i see her and we talk. she’s an amazingly strong woman who has achieved so much – she’s a bilingual writer, recording artist, international performer, public speaker and she runs a charity and centre for women. Even at 69 she’s still got aims that she’s working towards and is making more goals for herself all the time. she’s the definition of a hard worker and i feel empowered just knowing her blood runs through my veins. she’s an example not just to me but to everyone who has a vision, as she’s made all of her visions a reality and is continuting to do so. i’m so proud of her for the person she is, what she’s accomplished and what i’ve learnt from her examples.  one thing i do know is that failure is NOT an option in this life, and if i succeed only to honour all of the sacrifices that i’m a product of, then i will have done my job.

ANYhoo, enough of the deep stuff. in other news…….. I am actually SICK of Westfield. So sick that I can’t actually think of anything worse than stepping foot in there again. The walk to it from my office (which is literally only 5 minutes) feels like the Green Mile and seems to be getting longer and longer the more i have to walk it. It was so good at first but the love affair was short lived. I’m sure I’ll love it again once i start back at work as it really is amazing and convenient, but for now, i hate it.

Hmmm, how can i end on a light note? a christmas song would be nice…. I can’t believe the 25th is like 3 days away! I’ve never worked this close to Christmas before…..maybe because i’ve never worked before….. so the holiday ‘season’ has completely passed me by. I’m trying to get in the mood now though. I’m looking forward to being with the fam and visiting everyone, even though my mum up and left me this xmas. Thank God i’ve got a car and places to go where other loved ones are willing to take me in and feed me. i swear thats been my life, lol….mothers…. So back to the songs – my all time favourite christmas song is ‘This Christmas’ by Donny Hathaway. I actually love Christmas songs and I have a home made mix cd of soulful christmas jams that i press play on every year, but of all of them, this one remains my favourite. I also like India.Arie and Stevie Wonders version of ‘The Christmas Song’, but I can’t find that on youtube so all you’ve got is Donny….. Merry Christmas everyone!

P.S. congrats if you got this far – that was a LONG post!

here’s your reward. Enjoy!

LOL I just discovered this 12 days of christmas parody, it’s mad. If you’re indian youll totally get it but if not, youll probably still get it but it might be a bit less funny, but still funny. at least we can laugh at ourselves eh :p …. omg i actually love it.

Laterzzzz xxxxx

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And so it begins…

Well, it seems blogging has become a bit of a theme among the bournemouth lot and although i’m not technically part of them anymore, i am still in spirit. i’ve enjoyed reading Jojo’s blog and now Ofuma’s and Sadie’s, who told me today that it’s quite theraputic writing down all of your thoughts and whatnot. so, i figured i would give it another go, bearing in mind that i’ve tried this countless times before and it’s never gotten off the ground. i’m thinking it might have been because life just wasnt all that interesting at that time, and now that i’m working and actually doing something different all day every day, maybe i’ll have something to say. Hmm, this is getting easier already……

This is gonna be kinda like the diary of a runner, cause thats what i do. I’m a slave to the tv industry, literally cause i definitely do not get paid enough to do my job but, that’s what you gotta do if you wanna work in showbiz LOL. it’s not really all that bad, i do enjoy it and the people i work with are great but some days i do think why the heck am i getting up at 5.30am to be in central london at 8.30am to do a hard days work and get home at 11pm, maybe eat, go to sleep and wake up the next day to do it all again? But, it’s on days when i can be in work at 10 and leave by 6 after doing easy stuff all day and then getting free things that makes it all worthwhile. i’ll have a few interesting stories to tell though, which is why i’m not gonna write what company i’m working for on here lol.

And so my rambling begins……… well done to whoever got to the end of this post, but as Jojo and Ofuma have said before me, this is my blog so i’m gonna be writing about my life, however interesting or mind numbingly boring, so if you enjoy you’re welcome to stay but if not, i’ll be adding some links to other blogs on the blogroll to the right of this post (whenever i can work out where wordpress have put it – i hate it when i dont come to a site for ages and they’ve revamped it and i have no idea how to do anything on it anymore!) so feel free to click on over to them too.

love to one and all – ooo it’s Christmas soon! Hopefully this festive season is more festive than it was for me last year!

– A

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