And so it begins…

Well, it seems blogging has become a bit of a theme among the bournemouth lot and although i’m not technically part of them anymore, i am still in spirit. i’ve enjoyed reading Jojo’s blog and now Ofuma’s and Sadie’s, who told me today that it’s quite theraputic writing down all of your thoughts and whatnot. so, i figured i would give it another go, bearing in mind that i’ve tried this countless times before and it’s never gotten off the ground. i’m thinking it might have been because life just wasnt all that interesting at that time, and now that i’m working and actually doing something different all day every day, maybe i’ll have something to say. Hmm, this is getting easier already……

This is gonna be kinda like the diary of a runner, cause thats what i do. I’m a slave to the tv industry, literally cause i definitely do not get paid enough to do my job but, that’s what you gotta do if you wanna work in showbiz LOL. it’s not really all that bad, i do enjoy it and the people i work with are great but some days i do think why the heck am i getting up at 5.30am to be in central london at 8.30am to do a hard days work and get home at 11pm, maybe eat, go to sleep and wake up the next day to do it all again? But, it’s on days when i can be in work at 10 and leave by 6 after doing easy stuff all day and then getting free things that makes it all worthwhile. i’ll have a few interesting stories to tell though, which is why i’m not gonna write what company i’m working for on here lol.

And so my rambling begins……… well done to whoever got to the end of this post, but as Jojo and Ofuma have said before me, this is my blog so i’m gonna be writing about my life, however interesting or mind numbingly boring, so if you enjoy you’re welcome to stay but if not, i’ll be adding some links to other blogs on the blogroll to the right of this post (whenever i can work out where wordpress have put it – i hate it when i dont come to a site for ages and they’ve revamped it and i have no idea how to do anything on it anymore!) so feel free to click on over to them too.

love to one and all – ooo it’s Christmas soon! Hopefully this festive season is more festive than it was for me last year!

– A


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  1. 1

    in2mee said,

    woohooo!!! you have joined the blogging community!!!!

  2. 2

    phreshmentality said,

    ahh sars how did u find me? 🙂 xx

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