Get Fine for ’09

This is SO my new motto for 2009! Partly due to the fact that im going to friggin Jamaica in 3 weeks and!!!! and it hasnt been happening…. at ALL. I love me and all but i could love me a little more if there was a little less of me to love if you know what i’m saying. but i guess that’s a story for another time. MOTIVATION MOTIVATION MOTIVATION is what i need. and if knowing im gonna be on a beach in the caribbean in less than 3 weeks time isn’t enough, then i dont know what is. Lord give me strengthhhh.

Ooh ooh, let me introduce you to someone! I actually look foward to wednesdays because of this woman……. Tracie Mae! shes a youtube vlogger who is funny as allll hell, you gotta love her once you start to watch her. She does a ‘wednesday what’s up’ every wednesday which is basically just random blabber and on fridays she has a ‘friday rap up’ feature where she makes up a rap about something different every week. she’s great, yay. She’s also the one thatcame up with the ‘get fine for 09’ thing. Check her out! – oh and she also has a blog –

she was SO on point with this friday rap up:

shes also motivating me with her own weight loss plans, and now ive put my own self on blast i guess im gonna have to make some improvements and show some results so i have something to say for myself next time!

im going to do some crunches real quick….. lataaa!


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    in2mee said,

    U go amberama!!u can sooo do this, find what works for you and go hard for it!!!

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