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It’s been a while, but I’m here…

So the last time i wrote a blog it was the 23rd of December…. wow, look how good i am at keeping up with this thing. don’t use me as an example of what a good blogger should be, but then again i felt a bit better when i read Josephs first post in about 15 days and realised i’m not the only one. That’s what prompted me to write something actually, but i didn’t have much to say earlier. However, my evening was interesting and something really wonderful happened to me on the way home today that i knew i had to blog about. more on that later… (if you just want to read that part then feel free to skip all this other blabbing and scroll down)

Hmm, since my last post it’s been Christmas and New Year which all passed by nicely but uneventfully, but it all seems like old news now so we’ll move on.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my career lately and what my life plan is. I’ve started to write down a lot of long term and short term goals in a proper list, cuz although i did write things down before, its always good to solidly write them so you’re clear on what you want and it therefore makes it easier to concentrate on making them a reality. Believe it or not, it was actually Soulja Boy of all people that reminded and inspired me to do this. That no rapping little boy gets on my last nerve but who knew he actually used his brain cell and did something as intelligent as writing down his goals. and who would have guessed that by some circumstance, it really did all come true.  ….that’s if he’s telling the truth of course. But that’s by the by. Here’s what he actually said:

“In high school, I had this black composition notebook where I used to write down a list of goals: weekly goals, monthly ones, yearly ones, and one for my whole life. In there I had: get a record deal; have a number one song; have a platinum album; get a shoe line and clothing line; invent a dance everyone would do; get my mom out the hood; even little things like get a real watch or do all my homework. One day, I left the notebook in class and this dude found it. He read it out loud in front of everybody when I wasn’t there, trying to embarrass me. Mark my words, a year later, everything in that book had come true. I got the last laugh.”

So, in true Soulja Boy form, i too wrote my goals in a black composition American style notebook and I expect for them all to be coming to pass sometime in the next few years of my lifetime. Sooner rather than later if possible, but that’s up to me really isn’t it.

Otherwise this week has actually been really good for me. Blessings all the way through, prayers were definitely being answered, but i actually didn’t realise most of it until it was all over. Typical. But it’s a lesson to be more aware. SO grateful for it all, always. I’ll get back to the point of this post though.

If you read any part of this blog entry, read this….

This evening I went to the January Sales event hosted by Guvna B to support ACLT Blood and Bone Marrow Charity (check them out HERE – great cause). The event was live but anyway, i got some mc donalds on the way home but got full before i could start the chicken burger so i thought i’d save it for later. so i was sitting on the underground thinking it would be well good if i could give this untouched burger to a homeless person, cuz i didn’t really want it and that way it wouldn’t get wasted. then i remembered that theyre never in the underground usually cuz u hav to pay to get in n stuff so i was like ah well, maybe another time. i got off to change and as i was going down to the line, i got to the bottom of the stairs and sitting in front of me on the floor was a homeless man and his dog with a sign reading something along the lines of ‘very hungry’ on it and i thought wooow, God worked fast on that one! so i gave him my burger, he was well happy and i had a nice lil smile about it on the way home.

Proper made me smile, lol. I think cause i wasn’t really expecting that i would be able to give the burger to anyone, so i was happs that he got to satisfy a bit of hunger. Hope it doesn’t give him a stomach ache tho, cuz u know how mc d’s can be! Ah well, you can’t be too picky if youre relying on other people to give you want you want lol. Seriously though, it was a reminder for me that prayers do get answered. Been getting that confirmation a lot this week. Maybe God’s tryna tell me something…..

So, to continue with this theme of blessings, I’m going to share with you a few things that I hope will bless your day or your life as much as they do mine:

1. Tyler Perry’s newsletter. I love receiving them. They come at unexpected times but they always seem to come when you need to hear them the most. Try them out, i guarantee you will get something from them. Click HERE to check out the previous letters and to subscribe if you like what you read.

2. A video on ‘Keeping The Confidence’ from YouTube user BeautifulBrwnBabyDol. Great messages that can be applied to almost every situation, not just the one outlined. Click HERE to get motivated.

3.  Ummm, there isn’t actually a number 3, so how about something that’s always good for you and good for me? Go bless yourself and your body – drink a glass of water right now to get on track to your 8 a day. It will make you more hydrated so your brain and body can work better and your skin will thank you for it too!

Take care guys. Thanks for reading if you did! Shout out to Joseph for motivating me to get back at this. I’m off to add more goals to my life plan page. Go be a succeeder and start your list too! Ooh, that can be number 4! Yay 🙂

Grateful for all t


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