I can see clearly now the rain has gone

Whassup whassup, how is everyone? (that means you, Sarah and the other 2 people that might read this blog lol – Sadie and …..umm….. ok, 1 person) I’m back and feeling rested, rejuvenated and revised. My outlook is so PHRESH right now, I’m feeling goood baby! Jamaica definitely has a good effect on the soul, cause mine is singing. I’m about 5 shades darker too – feeling glowing and healthy, although it’s starting to fade a bit now. All i know is that I’m bloody freezing now i’m back. I don’t do well in cold weather. WHY is it still snowing tho? 8 inches is enough! am I the only person that’s not that excited about it? I did go out and play in it today cause it did look pretty amazing (my snowman was beyond pathetic tho, he didn’t even deserve to be photographed – shame!) but although it’s given me a couple extra days off work and is nice to look at, i’m BORED! This idle time has made me appreciate having something to get up for in the morning. i’ve been disgustingly lazy today and it doesn’t feel good at all. What a waste of time! I can’t believe having days like this was a normal occurence during uni – time well spent huh…….

So nothing groundbreaking has happened since I got back. I’ve definitely caught some Caribbean vibes tho cuz i feel so relaxed about everything. No more doubt, no more worry, just carrying on working hard and going with the flow. Things out there made me realise that life’s too short to agonise about what is to come. It’s about seizing the opportunities. As long as I’m living right and doing my part then what I want will come. Faith. Another thing I feel is CONTENTMENT. I had a really memorable conversation with Gbonju before i left, and one of the things we spoke about was being content. I am definitely feeling that now. I hope it continues. I intend it to, it’s a great feeling. I think what may have helped was the lack of television and advertising exposure i had on holiday. It was great not being influenced by anything I saw on the tv or in a magazine. I really and truly didn’t want for anything or feel like i needed to have or change anything for the whole 2 weeks. And it’s funny that now I’m back i’ve started thinking about this bag that I really want or those shoes that I just HAVE to have…. Let me nip that in the bud before I get back to my old ways.

Well, there isn’t really much else to talk about, so i’ll leave you with a poem. I need to remember and believe these words, as do all of the other women I know and love – if they aren’t doing so already. We all need bit of encouragement sometimes (at least i know i do….)

When you are feeling like your strength is wavering and hope is fading
remember you are a WOMAN
a being of towering strength who can
withstand pains greater than the largest ocean
a woman who can
endure trials harder than the most of rocks

In times of doubt and darkened despair
take peace in knowing, you are a WOMAN
a beautiful Goddess filled with light and love
brimming with confidence that can swallow doubt whole

You are a WOMAN
life giver
love receiver
self sacrificer
soul seeker
divine pleaser

So many aspects to an amazing being
your beauty is overwhelming
emanating from the deepest parts of your soul
to the very tips of your toes
let your aura surround you
cascade around you
a blanket of peace and serenity
and take comfort in knowing
you are a WOMAN
phenomenal and magnificent
beautiful and wonderful
enduring and amazing
daughter and sister
mother and wife
uniquely you
capable of wonders beyond your knowledge
my faith in you is unwavering and honest
accept the wonder of YOU as others do
see your wondrous spirit as we all do
let it fill you
flow in and through you
a fountain of energy bringing force and faith to you

Hold on
hold on to all of this – WOMAN
let this knowledge of your power influence and define you
know that you, feminine and pure
epitomy and definition of life and beauty, strength and love
you, WOMAN, can conquer anything.


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  1. 1

    D.London said,

    Hey girl! Love this blog post . . . keep it up! x

  2. 2

    phreshmentality said,

    Thanks for coming thru D!

  3. 3

    in2mee said,

    This poem is amaZIng!!!
    the sun got you hard!looking lovely and golden!!!

    oooo watched snog, marry or avoid!!!welldone on ur 1st credit!!!!xxxx

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