Wake up call

I had a wake up call today. And it hurt….. i actually cried, felt like it was unjust. but it was needed. i’ll do better from now on. im determined to, if only to prove them all wrong. dicipline is the new theme for my life. i need to be more energetic, active and PROactive. I need to be more like Gbonju. i swear that girl is a constant reminder for how i need to be living my life lol.

The saying “Weeping may endure for one night but joy will come in the morning light” always helps me see through to the other side of times like this, when i’m feeling overwhelmed by things or just not totally right. Thank God change is constant. Sometimes I couldn’t be happier that this is the truth!

random thought – im glad that our flesh and our emotions are regenerative. i sometimes think that we’re a bit like less exxagerated forms of superheroes that can grow back their limbs after being injured in battle. don’t laugh but it’s like when we cut ourselves; over time the wound is healed and renewed because our skin regenerates itself, which is a pretty amazing process in itself. But, the skin grows back a bit different because of the wound, so a mark is left. We seem to heal from hurt the same way on the inside too, cause just like our skin we can restore our emotions after being hurt but we come out of it slightly different. The change in our thinking or our character is the result of the emotional wound that is healed but remains there as a reminder of the hurt. I think this inner healing is even more spectacular though, becuase the process is harder to go through and takes more effort but the reward is that we’re becoming a better person in the end. think about it, and i mean really think about it. isn’t the human body amazing? Arent WE amazing?

Until next time, im off to work on living a more diciplined lifestyle. Starting with me being asleep before 12am and waking up at 6am. So far i’m cutting it fine with the bedtime, let’s see what happens with the wakeup call……….. (wow, didn’t even realise the irony of than sentence until i read it thru) ……… [is irony even the right word to use??]


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    i definetly agree with you about the human body being amazing!

    cool blog by the way;-)

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