A phresh lick of paint

So how u liking the new look? Most of you know i’m a green freak so this is right up my street! I actually preferred the old theme’s style and i wanted to edit the colours in the css (if you’re an html and web geek u will know what that is…. yeah, thought not…. lol) buuut it turns out you have to buy the css upgrade package to do that, soo, i’ve settled for this one. People want money for everything these days, smh.

I decided to make a new banner too, cause although I liked the other one, it wasn’t bright enough for my liking. Soo, this is the new look Phresh Mentality. We’re still phresher than your cup of OJ in the morning – just a little bit brighter too! I think these colours go more with the name too, dontcha think?

On to other things…. do any of you guys twitter??

omg i have totally got addicted. I have a feeling i’ve written about it before, but chances are it wasn’t on the blog and i’m just getting confused with the amount of times i mention it in daily life. Anyhoo, it is great, so join if you haven’t! It seems like a stupid concept at first – even i was like, why would everybody and their mum wanna know what i’m doing every waking moment of the day, but it turns out that although everyone and their mum might not wanna know what I am doing, they DO wanna know what several interesting celebs are doing. And that includes me. Yes i’m nosy – always have been, always will be. i’m curious by nature. but it is surprisingly fun knowing the ins and outs of their daily life and it’s funny reading their twits to each other and finding out what goes on in their little circles. I actually joined for the sole purpose of reading Erykah Badu’s updates during childbirth, but it’s turned out to be so much more than I expected. aaand it’s also fun when you’ve got actualy friends on there that you know in REAL life to twitter back and forth with. Oh oh and guess who else is on there?! TRACIE MAE!! You know what though, I have a link to the blog on my twitter page so if she ever happens to click, she’s gonna see how much i talk about her on here. Umm, i promise i’m not a stalker…. I even said that to her in a twitter post loool. Oh dear. I think i’ll stop now. Much respect tho, Tracie – keep doin you girl!

so, um, yeah, follow me on twitter if you’ve got nothing better to do, and if you’re a celeb junkie like me, here are some good people to follow (other than Stephen Fry and Russel Brand, who seem to be the only celebs worth noting on twitter according to most papers and mags talking about the site)

Solange Knowles, Kid Sister, Estelle, Janelle Monae, Erykah Badu, Jay Electronica, Marsha Ambrosius, Diddy, ?uestlove, Q Tip, Xzibit and last but not least – B Scoooottt! (if you don’t know, get to know!!) I’ll leave the list at that, but check out who i’m following on there if you’re interested in finding more people. I’ve noticed that ocne you join, random people will follow you anyway, so you can get twits going almost instantly. Gosh, why am i talking abut this like an expert….?

Well, again, i say join if you haven’t! plus, it’s another way to get a 5 min break from doing your work after checking facebook, myspace, your 5 email accounts, your daily round of gossip blogs and then the weather, if you’re realllly bored. What’s one more link to add to the list eh?

Here ends my ode to twitter. Bet you all just breathed a sigh of relief……..

yeah, i just heard you…..


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