Sittin on top of the world…. likeee….



I got Brandy tickets yall!!!!!!!! For her concert on my BIRTHDAY of all days!! SO excited, as if you can’t tell! It’s totally fate lol! SPECIAL THANX TO SADIE FOR GETTING MY TICKET FOR MY BDAY PRESENT!! I’m going with my girls, Sadie (of course), Precious and Gbonju. Which will make the night all the more special!

I saw B in concert during her Never Say Never days. Royal Albert Hall, 1998. My concert companion? My mum. My outfit? Satin effect spandex leopard print bootleg trousers and a black top. Height of 90’s fashion dontcha know. Oh dear. I was so excited though, I didn’t know what to do with myself! The memories are fuzzy now, but I still remember really insignificant details from that night. Good times man!

So, when I say i was a Brandy fan, i mean i was a brandy FANNNN. I was SO geeked up over her for SO many years. I even have the doll to prove it! (yes, they made a brandy doll – a whole range of them in fact – and yes, i bought one of ebay. when i was 15.) my love ‘affair’ with brandy has been going on a long time. A good 12 years actually. I first discovered Moesha when i was 9 and i was a fan from that day. Actually, check her out on the new banner! I just remembered that lol. Do u remember the days of watching Moesha on nickelodeon at 6.30 and then the channel turning into Paramount at 7 when Diff’rent Strokes would come on? Ah i miss those days man!

Maybe one day i’ll tell you all of the weird and wonderful brandy fan things i’ve done over the years……. And trust, i can talk your ear off if you get me started, so maybe it’s best not to ask me if you don’t want a life history of brandy and a synopsis of every episode of seasons 1-6 of Moesha.

Can’t waittt!! I’m so excited i think i wanna pee my pants!! Ahhhh!!!! (i guess i’m still as much as a fan now as i was back then.)

There were actually other things i was gonna talk about in this post, but this is all that matters right now and i can’t think straight lol. Going to calm down now……… laterrrr!


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