BIG talent often comes in small packages

I just watched the below video. It’s of Jazmine Sullivan, when she was 11, singing ‘home’ from The Wiz. (one of my favourite songs! Love stephanie mills!) JAZ WAS AMAZING, and still is. You GOTTA check this out, even if you’re not a fan, she will blow you away. Her vocals are so on point it’s scary, and even more so when you remember that she was only 11. love this girl!

I used to work on an amazing site called Young Black Starz, so i was in the know about all of the hugely talented kids out there. Mainly in America though, but when I say these kids had talent, i MEAN talent. Real, RAW talent. there are so many kids out there with huge talent, it’s crazy how good they’re getting at such young ages these days, and how they’re making themselves known too. The internet truly is a wonderful thing for talent that needs to be noticed. Check out one of my favourite young singers Jamia Simone Nash for instance. She was only 6 when she performed ‘fallin’ at the Apollo Theatre for the first time, and since then she’s really gone places! Her albums coming out soon i think! You all may remember her from My Wife and Kids though… that’s where most UK peeps have seen her.  oh, and on the subject of my wife and kids, please go out and support by buying the DVD of season 1, which is in shops now! I know people in the UK LOVED them some michael kyle, so show ya love people! Help my girl Parker make some money too LOL.

Back to Jamia – Below is a video of her at the apollo again, also singing home. she was 9 when she did this. Check it out below. She’s great!

Jazmine and Jamia have very different voices and i think both of them were amazing respectively but as much as i love me some Jamia, and think that little girl is a prodigy, you gotta love the power coming out of Jaz. No doubt the girl can blow. Although both girls were around the same age when performing the songs, Jamia is still only 12 now, and Jaz is 21 i believe.

Your thoughts?? Whose performance did you like better?


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