A beginning and an end

So, as of last week a big thing ended for me and something new and exciting began. Lets start at the end…..

I finished my contract at Endemol after 6 months working on Snog Marry Avoid. Me, my co-ordinator and production manager were the onyl ones left on the production to finish up so it wasn’t exactly a sad goodbye cause i kno i’ll see them again soon, but it was a little sad to see the end of my first real job! I had so much fun working on the show though and learnt a whole lot. I feel like a completely different person than i did when i first started, and my prod manager told me she thought i did a great job and a lot of other things that made me feel good about the whole experience. Now i’m back to refreshing production base every 5 mins and sending everyone and their mum my CV. it’s ok though, something will come up soon i hope! But, i wanna get a job on a show that’s more up my street this time, cuz although i loved SMA, it wasn’t exactly the type of programme i would sit down and watch by choice. I wanna work on something that, when i tell people to watch it, i actually mean it cause i would wanna watch it too, not just because i feel obliged to tell them. you feel me? (Snog Marry Avoid is still on every Monday @ 8.30pm on BBC3 – you should watch. even though I forget to. EVERY monday. but still, YOU should watch!) lol.

Now, back to the beginning. On March 15th i did my first open mic spoken word performance! I’ve been going to a lot of poetry events recently, since january, cause i wanted to start performing my poetry. i’ve been writing for as long as i can remember, and still have poems from when i was like 5. my dad also wrote poetry, and my aunt, and my grandma writes books for a living so i guess being a writer is in my genes, but as much as i’ve written, i’ve always wondered what it would be like to perform. I’ve watched people do it, and also watched one of my friends Michaela perform (she is a GREAT performer and poet btw, check her out – Michaela: The Birth of a Poet) and wished i could do the same. So i realised, the only person stopping me is ME, so i could either do it and have the experience, or don’t and live the rest of my life wondering. So i made it kinda like a resolution for this year, and like i said, started going to events to see others perform and to learn more. By March i finally felt ready, and Word 4 Word at Stratford Theatre Royal was my first performance! I did a poem called ‘Doubt’ and i think it went well. A lot of people said they were surprised it was my first performance, so i obviously did something right! My lovely friend Sadie (check her blog) came down to watch which was really great, it was nice to have support in the crowd! Michaela was there too and a couple of friends i have met through different the events i’ve been going to!

So, after that one i was on the lookout for another open mic. it really is addictive, but also i want to keep practicing and getting better! I don’t just wanna ‘do’ this poetry thing, i wanna DO it! There’s no point doing it half heartedly cause i won’t get anywhere. i wanna get better and better. Anywho, i did another open mic at Phraseology at Mau Mau bar last week (the 18th) and did a poem called ‘In Limbo’. that one went ok, not as well as the first i feel, cause I was a bit iffy on the last verse so i took my book up there with me, but then i felt like i relied on it too much. so that’s a lesson for next time. The night was great though, the other acts were good, and my girl London (check HER blog too!) came to support me and also my dear Ofuma (Yep, check out her blog aswell…. jeez, all my friends have blogs lol!) so again it was good to have some moral support! ALSO, I used my ‘stage name’ for the first time LOL! I figured I needed something to set me apart, cuz just having my name was pretty boring, so, you guessed it, i’m ‘PHRESH MENTALITY‘! The name actually did originate for that purpose, so the blog name is kinda secondary. I think it’s pretty accurate in defining me too. quite fitting if i do say so myself 🙂

The next one coming up, is big! after some persuasion from my new poetry peeps, i signed up for the ‘punch’ (slam) at an event called Rum Punch. The event runs every first Tuesday of the month and was actually the first ever poetry night i went to back in Jan, so it feels kinda fitting to be doing a performance there. A slam is like a competition and in this one you get 3 rounds where you can do 3 poems and you have times from 5 mins, to 3 mins and then 2 mins (i think). there are 3 judges and you get judged at each round for delivery, audience interaction and lyrical content. someone gets knocked out at each round until you get a winner. so there’s some pressure! It’s on April 2nd. which, I realised fully today, is in about a week!!!! So i REALLY need to get practicing! i want at least a CHANCE at winning, cuz there are some really great poets out there and i’ve got a looong way to go! They’re all an inspiration though and when i watch others perform it makes me want to get better. i know i really need to work on performance, cuz the words are there but they have a much bigger impact when the performance is engaging and different. So hopefully this week i’ll come up with some good arrangements for them. that’s AFTER i’ve chosen which 3 poems to do – now that’s the hard part! I actually should have finished writing this new one i started today, but i ended up doing nothing whatsoever, don’t know how that happened. i think i’ve already switched to a lower gear and i’ve only been off work for one day! can’t let the laziness creep back on me!

So, that’s the happs that i’m happs about in my life in the last few weeks. It’s more exciting than what’s been happening before, i think! I’m really hyped about the poetry stuff, prob cuz i’ve been wanting to do it for ages and i’m finally making this into a proper hobby and something ELSE for me to do as well as work. it’s also something i’m doing for ME, cuz i think i said in another blog that i’m tired of doing extra things that are all part of someone elses big dream, not my own. so i’m getting there yall!

just gotta get a new job now – if you know anyone in TV that needs a runner, holla at me ok! i don’t think i can face going back to the job centre to sign on for job seekers….. not again! I’ve gotta get used to this though, cuz in this industry i’m gonna be back here after every job. Lord help me. AND my bank balance.

Oh, and if any of you wanna come down and support on April 2nd, Rum Punch is at Rudy’s Revenge in High Holborn, starting at 7pm. Come check me out! Here’s the Facebook Event Page

Wow, i feel like this whole blog post is kinda rambled and VERY long. I always write more than i think i will. hopefully it all makes sense. they usually do when i read em thru, which surprises me especially cuz im usually tired when writing. i should be asleep now actually, gotta get up early tomorrow cuz i’m going to a wildlife park with my friend Jenny! So excited – they’ve got lemurs and wallabies and all sorts of cool furries that you can actually TOUCH! yay! (yeah, i love the animals…. 🙂

Well done for getting to the end if you’re still reading! Didn’t kno u cared that much! 😉

Peace and gluten free wheat! ….. (it’s betta for ya stomach don’t u know!)



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  1. 1

    i actually read it! lol

    i didn’t know you were proper into poetry like that. I’ve thought about doing spoken word, but I’d be a nervous wreck! lol. Well when I do get the courage, I’ll be asking you for tips!

    Well since you love poetry like me, make sure you check out the latest one I’ve posted on my blog, entitled Three Kisses


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