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It ain’t yours, it’s mine!

Ok, in this post I’m gonna talk about weave. So I’m warning you now, if you or your best friend, your auntie, your cousin, your grandma or even your mama wear weave and you are easily offended, stop reading now. Please. If not, then read on…..

This is kinda random but I was just reading a website – (i can’t even remember why, I think I was clicking random vids on youtube and got directed there) Anyway, after reading the FAQ’s, I felt some kinda way about all these weaves being made out of my peoples hair! (i’m Indian).
If you watched that documentary that Jamelia did about this you will know that many Indian women donate their hair in the name of prayer to temples and those temples then sell them on to hair companies but it’s NOT ALWAYS given willingly. They also don’t always know what it’s gonna be used for. Although it’s up to the temples to tell the women where their hair is going and to give some of the proceeds back into the community, I think the manufacturers should take some responsibility for this and maybe invest in the communities a bit more. Especially as it’s almost always the poorest people with the hardest lives that are shaving all of their hair to leave at the steps of the Mandirs as an offering or sacrifice in return for prayers God has answered, or even to earn a few rupees to feed their family, so they, more than most, need as much help as they can get.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to wear weave cause it’s a way of life for many women and they do look nice when done properly. A lot of my friends wear it too so I’m not knocking them at all! Also, it’s kinda a compliment to our hair that it’s so sought after for it’s qualities but I think the whole process of supplying this ‘authentic virgin Indian hair’ is quite degrading. Almost like we don’t need our own hair as much as these other women with money to buy it from us do, because we can ‘just grow more’, nevermind the work put in to keep our hair in that much desired state. Another thing that made me feel like it was degrading was when companies have a philosophy along the lines of “we believe that having beautiful hair is what makes a woman feel beautiful and confident”. Well, what about those women who have just shaved their head so your company can provide their beautiful hair to someone else?  How will THEY feel beautiful and confident now?

Just as we don’t give much thought to what went into making the nice clothes we buy from Primark, or the little kids that slaved over them for hours, women probably give no thought to who once owned the hair they are now calling their own.  One thing I know for sure, now more than ever, is that I will NEVER be selling or donating my hair – even if I cut it short. I have joked about it in the past, but all jokes aside now, I would rather it went in the bin than on somebody else’s head in the name of vanity or cosmetic enhancement. The only time I would consider it an option is if it was to be donated and used to make a wig or hairpiece for a Cancer patient as charities like Locks of Love provide.

It sounds kinda selfish, I know, but I put in the work to grow it and keep it healthy, so I think I should reap the benefits. At the end of the day, as I said, it’s all mine, not theirs, so I’ll do with it what I please!

Rant over. Just wanted to express my feelings on this subject. To all my weave wearers, I still love y’all! Even if you did pay some man £20 to jack my peoples hair! (LOL, I kid, I kid!)


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So much to say

So, I haven’t been here in a while. Mainly because there has been so much to say – so much so that I didn’t know what to say lol. Talk about a catch 22. I’ve been putting it off cause i didn’t know where to start, and now I can’t remember anything I wanted to say. So, to cut a long story short, we’ll leave it at that and start fresh shall we?

Good news is my stats have gone up a LOT recently so that means people are clicking the many well placed links and actually visiting this blog, so yay for you! Hope my ramblings imparted some wisdom onto your brains, or at the very least, made you feel any kind of positive emotion.

In other news, i’ve got a new job! Will be working on the new series of ‘The Family’. That prog that was on channel 4 last yr where they put those hidden cameras all around that family’s house and followed them for 2 months. This time it’s an Indian family! (VERY excited about that!) Can’t wait to start, it’s much more up my street than snog marry avoid!

The poetry is still going well, have done quite a few performances since Rum Punch and many more to come. Really loving it! I’ve set up a myspace page so check me out at I’ll be adding some more interesting stuff to it soon!

I went to an event tonight, which wasn’t as great as I was hoping. Don’t you hate it when audiences talk so loud during someones performance that you can’t even hear them! It’s so disrespectful. I mean, even if you don’t wanna hear what the artist has to say, someone else might.

I’m trying to think of something interesting and purposeful to leave you with so that this post isn’t a total dud. I want YOU to get something from this whole thing too ya know! Hummm, oh yeah! Here is why I think Lil’ Wayne is probably a decent guy despite what people may think of him. I actually liked the Carter III – even though I’m not so big on hip hop, I enjoyed listening to it and yes, I did learn all the lyrics to basically every song. His flow is NICE, believe me! Check out this vid of him on The View. I saw it on Concrete Loop today and he really does seem like a nice person. He’s definitely intelligent, not doubt about that…. and he released his first album at 12! You don’t know bout him bruv!! I love how he said he wasn’t surprised that he would be successful. Now that’s the correct attitude! (and ok, if you can’t tell by now, i will admit I do actually have a slight crush on him *gasp*! People are shocked when I say that, and probably rightly so, but i jusss can’t help it!! LOL!

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Rum Punch!

Hey everyone, it’s been a minute. I’ve been meaning to get on this blogging thing since last week, especially after my Rum Punch performance but i’ve been visiting friends in Bournemouth during my much enjoyed time off!!

well, last Thursday was the long awaited Rum Punch competition. my friends sadie, precious, nil and abi all came up with me from bournemouth to join me at rum punch, which was so nice!! I actually had a whole load of support there, hollerin for me when i did my pieces, which was GREAT as i was only expecting 2 of my friends to come! the performances went really well, and i had so much fun, especially performing my new piece ‘My Confession’. That seemed to go down really well with everyone! it’s quite a funny piece but also true to life, so i think a lot of people can relate. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the final round and came in at 3rd place, but i wasn’t really disappointed. The event has such a nice atmosphere and the people are all amazing. It was also good for me to get a bit of exposure, especially as i really want to do more of this poetry thing. i’m really enjoying the whole journey! I think i need to start setting up a myspace page and whatnot now though, seeing as people are starting to ask! Maybe i’ll record some of my pieces to put on there. we’ll see. it’s still all early days! I’m gona be doing some more open mics in the next couple of weeks though so i’ll keep everyone posted.

Here’s a pic of my team that came out to support! Thanks guys! 🙂

go team!

I also had a job interview the same day, which went good. Although, i actually didn’t really care about it as much as the poetry – is that really bad?? I’m waiting to find out about it but to be honest i dont think it’s totally right for me, so i won’t mind either way. we’ll see what happens.

In other news, I’m back in london now and getting a few things lined up to occupy my time. It’s so easy to get into a slower gear when you’re not working, i need to be careful about that! i’m trying to get a routine together, especially as i need to get on this exercise thing! and i want to expand my opportunities and open more doors for myself, so i’m keeping ON IT!! I actually went on the stepper (that has been gathering dust under my bed for the last 5 months) for about 30 mins while i watched heroes. So i’m making a start lol! (ok, it’s a very little start, but big things start with the first step, literally in this case….)

OMG Heroes! Do any of you watch it?? I watched season 1 last year and just got back into it with the season 2 box set last week. I was inspired by Sadie who was starting on season 1. Now i’m watching the beginning of season 3 online, it’s getting really confusing but it’s SO compelling! I hardly watch tv anymore but I always download Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives, now Heroes! Oh, and another great show i’ve discovered with the help of another friend, is 30 Rock! Tina Fey is a genius and the show is basically about the making of an NBC tv show, so it’s right up my street! You should definitely get to know!

So as you can see, television, or more accurately, online television, has become a big part of my day now that i’m jobless but obviously I can’t spend all of my time between these shows and the joys of trawling production base and all other internet media job outlets for places to send my CV so i’ll share with you the most recent product of my idleness. really, i should have been writing, or doing something more productive but instead i decided to paint my nails. this isn’t really an unusual occurence for me as i usually have them painted in some bright and wacky colour, but i wanted to do something a bit different seeing as i had time to experiment, soo here is my creation….. i call it ‘The Rainbow French’! check em out!


It wasn’t as hard to do as it might look, and i had fun, so that’s what matters right?? 🙂

Well, I’m off to think of a master plan (on how to conquer boredom and do something productive!)

A rum punch and a rainbow french for everyone!

Till next time, keep it Phresh!

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