Rum Punch!

Hey everyone, it’s been a minute. I’ve been meaning to get on this blogging thing since last week, especially after my Rum Punch performance but i’ve been visiting friends in Bournemouth during my much enjoyed time off!!

well, last Thursday was the long awaited Rum Punch competition. my friends sadie, precious, nil and abi all came up with me from bournemouth to join me at rum punch, which was so nice!! I actually had a whole load of support there, hollerin for me when i did my pieces, which was GREAT as i was only expecting 2 of my friends to come! the performances went really well, and i had so much fun, especially performing my new piece ‘My Confession’. That seemed to go down really well with everyone! it’s quite a funny piece but also true to life, so i think a lot of people can relate. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the final round and came in at 3rd place, but i wasn’t really disappointed. The event has such a nice atmosphere and the people are all amazing. It was also good for me to get a bit of exposure, especially as i really want to do more of this poetry thing. i’m really enjoying the whole journey! I think i need to start setting up a myspace page and whatnot now though, seeing as people are starting to ask! Maybe i’ll record some of my pieces to put on there. we’ll see. it’s still all early days! I’m gona be doing some more open mics in the next couple of weeks though so i’ll keep everyone posted.

Here’s a pic of my team that came out to support! Thanks guys! 🙂

go team!

I also had a job interview the same day, which went good. Although, i actually didn’t really care about it as much as the poetry – is that really bad?? I’m waiting to find out about it but to be honest i dont think it’s totally right for me, so i won’t mind either way. we’ll see what happens.

In other news, I’m back in london now and getting a few things lined up to occupy my time. It’s so easy to get into a slower gear when you’re not working, i need to be careful about that! i’m trying to get a routine together, especially as i need to get on this exercise thing! and i want to expand my opportunities and open more doors for myself, so i’m keeping ON IT!! I actually went on the stepper (that has been gathering dust under my bed for the last 5 months) for about 30 mins while i watched heroes. So i’m making a start lol! (ok, it’s a very little start, but big things start with the first step, literally in this case….)

OMG Heroes! Do any of you watch it?? I watched season 1 last year and just got back into it with the season 2 box set last week. I was inspired by Sadie who was starting on season 1. Now i’m watching the beginning of season 3 online, it’s getting really confusing but it’s SO compelling! I hardly watch tv anymore but I always download Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives, now Heroes! Oh, and another great show i’ve discovered with the help of another friend, is 30 Rock! Tina Fey is a genius and the show is basically about the making of an NBC tv show, so it’s right up my street! You should definitely get to know!

So as you can see, television, or more accurately, online television, has become a big part of my day now that i’m jobless but obviously I can’t spend all of my time between these shows and the joys of trawling production base and all other internet media job outlets for places to send my CV so i’ll share with you the most recent product of my idleness. really, i should have been writing, or doing something more productive but instead i decided to paint my nails. this isn’t really an unusual occurence for me as i usually have them painted in some bright and wacky colour, but i wanted to do something a bit different seeing as i had time to experiment, soo here is my creation….. i call it ‘The Rainbow French’! check em out!


It wasn’t as hard to do as it might look, and i had fun, so that’s what matters right?? 🙂

Well, I’m off to think of a master plan (on how to conquer boredom and do something productive!)

A rum punch and a rainbow french for everyone!

Till next time, keep it Phresh!


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    D.London said,

    The night at Rum Punch was GREAT! I had a great time seeing you do your THANG! lol. Keep at it I know how monetenous it can get when you’re looking at your computer screen day in and day out! I’m lovin’ the nails you gonna have to teach me how to do that.

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