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Welcome to….. 22

So. It’s been a while huh?  Not much has changed except my age. Actually, that’s a lie. a whole lot has changed. I am a member of the working community again cause i started work on ‘The Family’ last monday (11th) and it’s great! I’ve got a company car and everything! It’s a really nice. I never thought i would see the day that i understood why people ‘enjoyed’ driving a car because of it’s engine but the day has come, and i really do understand! The car has a turbo diesel engine (as pointed out by my stepfather today) and while i don’t really know what that is, what i do know is that i like it. a WHOLE lot! The acceleration is like WOAH! LOL! ok, before i bore all of you non-car heads. we will move on. So the new job is great. very interesting. The family is lovely and it’s nice to see an Indian family getting some shine. We’ll see how the whole thing will turn out. early days yet.

My birthday was wonderful! I went to see Brandy on the actual day (7th). I’ve been meaning to blog about this for the longest time. How did it get to be the 18th of may already?! I spent the run up to my birthday in Bournemouth and woke up there in the morning, then made my way back to london for the concert in the eve. I had been waiting for Brandy to come back here since 1998 so this was a big deal! We got a great place in the crowd, i was so close! See the photographic evidence below:


The opening act was some any next stupid boy group that i don’t care to remember. awful to say the least. B’s voice was on point though! she sounded great! She pulled some guy up on stage from the audience too, and sang ‘Long Distance‘ to him. Yeah, i was kinda jealous. even though it woulda been pretty gay if she had asked a girl up there. Here’s the ludicrous part though – Brandy was on stage for 45 minutes! Yes. FORTY FIVE minutes! She kept us waiting until 9.15 to get on stage and she was off by 10. WHAT KINDA FOOLISHNESS?! She tweeted about it after the show but seemed to think that we were complaining for nothing because of course, 45 minutes is obvously a great length for a show. especially when you’re an ex A lister whose halo is somewhat tarnished by (among other not so great things) your brother being the king of bent dick porn. I guess redeeming yourself isn’t that high on the list of career priorities is it B? (sarcasm doesn’t come across all that well in typing). However, despite my bitterness i still gots love for my girl. 13 years of fanship doesn’t go down the pan after 45 minutes. What we did see and hear of her was pretty good, so i’ll let her off.

Next on the birthday list was my performance at Blessed Souls. It was a GREAT night and so many of my friends came out to support which was amazing! I did 2 new poems and they seemed to go down well so that’s all good. it’s always a pleasure to perform at Blessed Souls. if you haven’t been before, it’s a great night so you should most definitely check it out! Adelaide (the host) also presented me and the other people celebrating birthdays with a lovely cake and we even got presents! 22 was definitely brought in nicely!

I always take time to reflect on my birthday and this year was no different. I was thinking back on 21 and how so many people say it was one of the best years of their life. I was wondering if it was the same for me and although at first I didn’t think it was, i realised after properly recounting everything that had happened, it was without a doubt one of the best i’ve had so far! In my 21st year, i completed my degree, graduated, got my first job in the television industry, went on one of the best holidays of my life and finally fulfilled a dream that has been in the pipeline of my thoughts for a very long time (the poetry). i’ve learnt so mucha bout my career and where my future will take me and i’ve been blessed to meet SO many new people at work and through poetry and even through my friends, all of whom have had a great impact on me. For all of this i feel truly blessed and eternally grateful. I’m also thankful for the continuing friendships of my good friends. You all know who you are. Your presence in my life is recieved thankfully.

Some things i hope for in the coming year – to go further and achieve higher in my career and with my creativity ie. my poetry and more to do with all of that. To meet more inspirational people whom i can learn from. To be better at everything i do. To be a better & nicer person. To be more grateful for everything i have. To work harder for everything I want to have. To be relentless in the pursuit for my future goals. To be more humble.

So i’ll leave you with my question to you. I want replies people! (to the 3 people that read this blog) why was 21 a great year for you? Or if you’re not yet 21, what do you hope for your 21st year?


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I love you

I love you
Even though our time is not yet aligned
Still, I love you.

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