Nail Art of the moment!

So I did my nails again and this time it’s a kind of Indian Flag inspired design so I can show some patriotism for the Indian cricket team! LOL!

For those of you who don’t know, this is what the Indian flag looks like:


And this is what my nail design looks like:


They’re not exactly like the flag and I can see you’re wondering how they relate at all, but the thinking behind it was that the colour scheme was green, orange and white (like our flag) and the flower designs represent the marigold flower in the middle of the flag, which in fact is our national flower! Get it? Good! LOL!

Now let me explain how I did it so you all can have a go!

I used 4 polishes: The green and the white are Barry M colours, which you can find in most Boots and Superdrug shops for about £2.95 a piece, which I think is really reasonable for nail polish! The Orange is a Rimmel colour, the same one I used for the orange and black flower design before. For the black dots I used a nail art brush/pen that I got from ebay. The make is ‘Mercia’ and you can find them by searching on ebay or anywhere online. They come in loads of diff colours and what’s great about them is that they have a long detail brush as well as a pen!

First, I painted my nails with a base coat and then put on the green polish just as I normally would when painting my nails with one colour. After that dried, I got the orange and white polish together to begin doing the flowers. The method for this is REALLY easy. All you need is a TOOTHPICK or some other kind of thin metal or wooden instrument. You make 5 dots with the polish, wait about 30 seconds for it to dry slightly, then with the toothpick, start at the middle of each dot and drag inwards to the centre. When you’re done with that, take the black polish and put a little dot in the middle!

This method is really hard to explain through typing but it’s ridiculously easy. Check out this youtube vid to see it explained and you’ll see what I mean:

SEE?! This girl gives really good tutorials and there are LOADS of other nail art and makeup tutorials on youtube that you can learn some amazing stuff from!

Hope you got all of that and you have a go yourselves, it really is very simple! I might do a video one of these days, that could be fun! In the meantime though, check out youtube for some fabulouso tutorials!

Peace outttt


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    hgdotnet said,

    That’s super cute!

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