Interview with Yara Shahidi from ‘Imagine That’!

Hey guys, I got a chance to help interview Yara Shahidi for Young Black Starz (.org). Yara is an amazing young actress who is the co star of the newest Eddie Murphy movie, ‘Imagine That‘. The film is about a dad’s not so great relationship with his daughter that is rekindled after she starts to give him amazing insights on his work through the magic of her security blanket, which she calls her ‘GooGaa’. The film comes out over here (UK) on the 31st July but I’ve seen it and would highly recommend it as one for the whole family to enjoy!

Yara is most definitely one of the smartest 9 year olds I’ve ever encountered. Not only is she a scene stealer in the movie, she’s also a beautiful model with a great personality and VERY ambitious. She wants to be a historian when she grows up and we chatted about the Renaissance and the Parthenon of all things! Click on the picture below and judge for yourself. Just from listening to the conversation, you can see that she’s special! This girl will no doubt go far!


As I said before, the interview was done for, which is a truly phenomenal site that promotes and supports young Black talent in the US. The site also has loads of other cool features, like beauty columns and entertainment features and even a gurl talk advice series with many of the young Starz!

P.S thanks to YBS for the use of your ‘click here to listen‘ image, hehe 😉


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