Life ain’t so bad at all…. livin off the wall

I just wanted to add that I love how they’re playing MJ songs on every radio station, like, every other song! It’s like a revival. I’m enjoying it, but I wonder how the people who weren’t fans are holding up. At least some of Mike’s debt will get cleared with all the royalties.

I think even the fashion industry might be heavily influenced by Michael this next season, cause shoulder pads are coming back in anyway, so they might be adding a bit more gold and glitter to the already fashionable military jackets, and maybe the Wayfarers will be replaced once again by Aviators and black skinny jeans with white socks will be gracing runways all over. Even mocassin type shoes are coming back! It’s gona happen, I can feel it….. and if it doesn’t, then I might just bring it back myself! LOL.


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