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If God is sweet as Honey then YOU must be sweet as Toffee!

Sooooo, it’s been a while huh! Sorry for the absense, I can’t say it won’t happen again, but I can apologise!

I’ve been keeping busy, In brief: Working – got a new job at MTV, I’s a Researcher now! yay! Performing – poetry is going good too, yay! Filming – IYDLIT is getting there, yay! lol!

August was totally hectic and besides doing performances, going to Lisbon  and going to lots of interviews, the month was mainly about Michaela: The Birth of a Poet!

IYDLIT did her first music video for her track, ‘Coffee In The Morning’ and we filmed her album launch for ‘Fixing Barbie’ which was a FANTASTIC show! It was a great weekend and fun was had by all, not to mention all 400 tickets selling out for the show!

So here is the video for Coffee! IYDLIT did a fantastic job, don’t you agree?! Much, much, much kudos to Sadie and Precious for the fantabulous vid! Check it out, you will LOVE it! The vid AND the song! Enjoy!

For more stuff from IYDLIT, check the following links:


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Nails nails and more nails!

I’ve been keeping myself busy with nail art in the last few weeks! I’ve decided that if TV doesn’t work out and Poetry doesn’t do too well as a side hustle, then opening a nail salon in the next option! But it will be special cause I’ll have a stage in the back where it can feature live music and poetry performances while nails are being done! I can see it now, it could be great! LOL!

Anyhoo, here are the fruits of mine and my Barry M brushes labour… If you like, hit me up and I can do a tutorial or something. Or you can just admire the pretty colours. Either is fine with me! 🙂

This one is my favourite. I borrowed the design from WAH Nails (I CANNOT WAIT to go get my nails done there!) but I changed up the colours. It’s kinda carnivalesque and I LOVE it!! My nails have grown nice and long too so it looked extra glam!


Here’s some variations on the tiger stripes and one with just little dots around the top of the nail. I was practicing on my friend Anna!

purple yellow stripesorange blue stripespink and white dots

Aaaand finally, what I have on my nails right now! Just a little turquoise half flower/sun/weirdspikything number!

blue half flower

God how I love Barry M and O.P.I patent nail laquer!

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