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Crazy Glue = Fail

Soo, the glue didn’t last long and my broken tip came off again 😦 I resulted to getting a gel put on in it’s place. I reeeally dislike fake nails but in this case I wasn’t prepared to go around with one ridiculously short nail. My own tip hung in there, through 4 days and one hair wash, so I can’t say it did badly!

I had to take off the polish to get the dreaded gel tip put on, so I decided to just redo all of my nails seeing as time was on my side. I kept the neon theme going, I wasn’t ready to let it go yet! The middle fingers are the same still, I just put a bit of gold glitter where the white was before. I hate to think how many layers of laquer is on those nails at the moment, they’re probably gasping for air! lol!




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Sometimes I Like To Rock NEON!

A little ode to Amanda Diva there! The girl who’s not afraid to go bright! (I’m not either lol!)

So I made a trip to Sally’s last week and got me some looovely nail things! Like: Rhinestones, Neon colours and huuuge bottles of top and base coat! Check out my haul below:


So I decided to make use of my new goodies and create a new nail design! By the way, the nail on the ring ringer of my right hand broke last week! I was in Nandos getting frozen yoghurt and it broke while I was using the machine! I guess God was telling me no! LOL! BUUUT! Through the power of nail glue, it looks good as new! Luckily it came clean off, so I could keep the tip. I was worried that when I took of my polish it would come apart, but it seems to have fused back together, which is great! 🙂

Anywhoo, I call this creation…. um, I’m not sure actually. Something neon? Maybe you can come up with something? It’s not as neat as I would’ve liked and I think this would be easier to do on someone else, but I like it!

The middle fingers came as a sort of accident, but I thought it looked cool so I kept it and then outlined the little moon at the bottom with round gems. You might not be able to see in the pics but the left hand is purple and the right is pink and the thumbs are opposites!


The lovely rhinestones I bought came in handy. I used a white polish as a base and a black polish with a thin brush to create the chequered and stripy designs, then filled in with the neons.

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Gemma’s Stained Glass Rainbow

So I thought I’d test out the colour smash on my friend Gemma – but with a little twist. She saw THIS tutorial by Luxurious Nails when we were surfing YouTube for ideas, and liked it, so that’s what she got! Here’s the results:


Check out the video to see how to do it – saves me doing a tutorial for this one! There are a lot of tutorial for stained glass nails on YouTube, so check em out. One thing that’s definitely important with this one, or with any bright colour designs is to use a white polish as a base, cause it really makes the colours pop! That’s a tip to be used if you have a polish colour that you really love in the bottle but when you put it on, it’s incipid. Put a base of white before you apply it and the colour will look like it does in the bottle!

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Don’t Surrender

Don’t Surrender

Your loneliness so quickly.

Let it cut more Deep

Let it ferment and season you

As few human

Or even divine ingredients can.

Something missing in

my heart tonight

Has made my eyes so soft,

My voice so Tender

My need of God

Absolutely Clear.”

– Hafiz

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Is it just me?


Or do you LOOOOVE The Real Housewives of Atlanta?! I believe it’s the #1 show in the US at the moment, or at least it was during it’s first season. Diva TV just recently started showing season 1 over here and I was instantly hooked!

I wanted to check it out after watching an interview with Kandi Burruss (the singer/songwriter from Xcape that wrote TLC’s No Scrubs among other hits) that the fabulous B Scott did. I was like, let me check this show out. And ooooh wow, is it goood!! So much drama and bitching – brilliant TV! My favourites are Lisa (SO cute and her husband is foiiine!) and NeNe (Gotta love a woman that keeps it real with no shame whatsoever!)

Atlanta seems like a great place to live, especially if you’re rich lol! I still love my L.A but ATL is looking rather promising. All I need now is a baller husband, a house and some kids. Oh and a nice big SUV to drive around in and a few companies to run, then it will all be complete!

I’m watching the second season via a certain streaming site that shall remain nameless so the authorities don’t track it and take away my new crack. If you haven’t got into this yet, I urge you to try it! Drugs are a terrible thing, so this is MUUUCH better for you! (somebody should have told Whitney that before her X Factor performance today huh?)

If, unlike me, you have morals regarding online streaming, you can watch season 1 on Diva TV (Sky 269) everyday at 2pm!

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Kickin’ it with Kwesi

I recently got the chance to interview Kwesi Boakye for Kwesi just starred in Tyler Perry‘s new movie ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself‘ also starring Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson and the gorrrgeous Adam Rodriguez! Kwesi was really fun to talk to, and oh soo cute! Check out the interview on Young Black Starz by clicking the banner 🙂


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Colour Smash!

The design of the week is what I’ve decided to call ‘Colour Smash’. Hope you like! I’ve got a tutorial coming for the design in my last post which you will hopefully see soon! I’ll probably do one for this one too if it proves to be popular!


Until next time… I need to find something else to blog about besides nails!

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