Is it just me?


Or do you LOOOOVE The Real Housewives of Atlanta?! I believe it’s the #1 show in the US at the moment, or at least it was during it’s first season. Diva TV just recently started showing season 1 over here and I was instantly hooked!

I wanted to check it out after watching an interview with Kandi Burruss (the singer/songwriter from Xcape that wrote TLC’s No Scrubs among other hits) that the fabulous B Scott did. I was like, let me check this show out. And ooooh wow, is it goood!! So much drama and bitching – brilliant TV! My favourites are Lisa (SO cute and her husband is foiiine!) and NeNe (Gotta love a woman that keeps it real with no shame whatsoever!)

Atlanta seems like a great place to live, especially if you’re rich lol! I still love my L.A but ATL is looking rather promising. All I need now is a baller husband, a house and some kids. Oh and a nice big SUV to drive around in and a few companies to run, then it will all be complete!

I’m watching the second season via a certain streaming site that shall remain nameless so the authorities don’t track it and take away my new crack. If you haven’t got into this yet, I urge you to try it! Drugs are a terrible thing, so this is MUUUCH better for you! (somebody should have told Whitney that before her X Factor performance today huh?)

If, unlike me, you have morals regarding online streaming, you can watch season 1 on Diva TV (Sky 269) everyday at 2pm!


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    CMyPassion said,

    Everyone is talking about this show! I’ mos def going to watch this, well via Sky TV anyway lol

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