Sometimes I Like To Rock NEON!

A little ode to Amanda Diva there! The girl who’s not afraid to go bright! (I’m not either lol!)

So I made a trip to Sally’s last week and got me some looovely nail things! Like: Rhinestones, Neon colours and huuuge bottles of top and base coat! Check out my haul below:


So I decided to make use of my new goodies and create a new nail design! By the way, the nail on the ring ringer of my right hand broke last week! I was in Nandos getting frozen yoghurt and it broke while I was using the machine! I guess God was telling me no! LOL! BUUUT! Through the power of nail glue, it looks good as new! Luckily it came clean off, so I could keep the tip. I was worried that when I took of my polish it would come apart, but it seems to have fused back together, which is great! 🙂

Anywhoo, I call this creation…. um, I’m not sure actually. Something neon? Maybe you can come up with something? It’s not as neat as I would’ve liked and I think this would be easier to do on someone else, but I like it!

The middle fingers came as a sort of accident, but I thought it looked cool so I kept it and then outlined the little moon at the bottom with round gems. You might not be able to see in the pics but the left hand is purple and the right is pink and the thumbs are opposites!


The lovely rhinestones I bought came in handy. I used a white polish as a base and a black polish with a thin brush to create the chequered and stripy designs, then filled in with the neons.


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