Crazy Glue = Fail

Soo, the glue didn’t last long and my broken tip came off again 😦 I resulted to getting a gel put on in it’s place. I reeeally dislike fake nails but in this case I wasn’t prepared to go around with one ridiculously short nail. My own tip hung in there, through 4 days and one hair wash, so I can’t say it did badly!

I had to take off the polish to get the dreaded gel tip put on, so I decided to just redo all of my nails seeing as time was on my side. I kept the neon theme going, I wasn’t ready to let it go yet! The middle fingers are the same still, I just put a bit of gold glitter where the white was before. I hate to think how many layers of laquer is on those nails at the moment, they’re probably gasping for air! lol!




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