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Leopard Spots & Feathers

It’s been a while, so here are some new nail designs for you! I was still experimenting with the neons last week and the week before, so these two designs are based on those colours and the old classic – leopard print!


After three weeks of neon, I felt like going for a more subdued look so I broke out the lilac and the dark purple and did a kind of ‘feather’ with a bit of sparkle for fun! This was an experiment so I think I’ll improve on it for the future. It’s more abstract than my usual stuff but I think I like it!




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The Family


Have you been watching it? If not, WHY not?! Not only did yours truly spend the whole summer helping to make it, it’s actually darn good viewing! I love that everyone is loving the fam and it’s getting good reviews. My mum is somewhat relieved too as she was worried that they would give ‘us Punjabis a bad name’ but I have to say that my Grandad wasn’t too impressed with the showcasing of the old carrier bag on the head to set the hair dye trick. Exposure apparently. LOL.  It was so fun to work on though, and they really are that crazy and hilarious in real life. Sarbjit (the mum) is adorable!

Check it – Wednesdays, Channel 4, 9pm.

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Movie Review: PRECIOUS **We are all Precious**


A couple of weeks ago I walked into a dark movie theatre absolutely full to the brim with people staring intently at a cinema screen. On it was rather large girl dressed up in a ball gown, dancing as camera flashes go off around her.  It was the the London Film Festival screening of Lee Daniels’ highly anticipated movie ‘Precious’ and I was missing the beginning!

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Arts & Crafts for Sunday afternoons: Make a VISION BOARD!



A while back I did an article on how to make a vision board on and recently I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about them and how important they are in mapping your future goals, so I thought I’d resurrect the post over here for all you lovely people! Enjoy and let me know if any of you makes one! Click ‘more’ to find out how!

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