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A while back I did an article on how to make a vision board on and recently I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about them and how important they are in mapping your future goals, so I thought I’d resurrect the post over here for all you lovely people! Enjoy and let me know if any of you makes one! Click ‘more’ to find out how!

Make a vision board of your dreams!

Vision boards are a great way for you to keep all of your goals, aspirations and dreams in sight and to remember to keep walking towards them. They are great for keeping up motivation and as we would love for all of our readers to stay motivated, we’re gonna take you through the steps of making a vision board.

If you’re good with picture editing programs like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro then you can make your vision board on the computer, but if you like to keep it simple you can do it the good old fashioned way and use paper, scissors an glue. It’s also really satisfying seeing the end result when you’ve spent ages gluing and sticking and finding images in magazines etc, and you can truly do anything with it, it’s basically like a catalog of dreams!

All the graphics on the site are created with Photoshop so I felt like changing it up a bit, which is why I’m going to explain how to make a vision board by hand. It’s more fun and also I get to show you lots of pics of the process and some of my family and friends boards too!

So you wanna make one?

First, you’ll need:

For the base, either:

Poster Board (which you can buy at any stationary retailer).
Large piece of plain paper.
A drawing board that you can stick pins/tacks into.

Other essential items:

Glue or Tacks/pins
Extra writing paper
Pens/sharpies in lots of fun colors

For your visions:

Lots of magazines to cut clippings from.
A computer, the internet & a printer to search and print images you like or photos of yourself and loved ones.

Be prepared to have fun and get messy! This is what the room looked like after my cousin and I got done creating some vision boards:


The mess we made during the process!

Steps to creating your board

First, think about your passions and desires. E.g. what kind of house do you want to live in? What job do you want to have when you’re older? Or even, what grade do you want to get on your next paper or what are you saving up your money to buy? Find pictures that resemble all of the visions of things you want for yourself, cut them up and put them on your board.

With the colorful pens and paper you have, write little notes next to some items, explaining why you want it or how you think you will get it. For example, if you want an A grade on your next paper, write a big A on a piece of paper and next to it write how you are going to attain it – by remembering to study, concentrating in class etc.

To help make your visions more about yourself and to surround yourself with what you want, it might be helpful to put a happy picture of yourself in the middle of your board.

Make sure you make your board colorful and eye catching with exciting pictures and inspiring words all around it. Then, hang it somewhere where you will look at it every day without fail, as this is the key to the vision board working for you! A nice thing to do if you make your vision board on the computer is to make it your desktop wallpaper, so that every time you turn on your computer you will see the things you are working towards. This really works for me, especially as I spend so much time on the computer (If you didn’t make your board on the computer, just take a photo of your hand made one and make the image your desktop background – easy!)

The number one rule is to make sure that when you are looking at the things on your vision board is to know and believe that they are all attainable and you deserve to receive everything you want in your life and you will work hard to make it happen. Remember that no reward comes from no action so for your visions to come true you must be thinking of ways to work towards them, all the while keeping your vision board in your mind. The boards help you to put all of your desires in one place so it’s easier to focus on them all instead of one at a time or forgetting about certain things.

The finished products


My board

My board is about all of the things I hope for the future. I am currently looking towards my career and how I can progress in

my job, so a lot of my board focuses on that (see the directors chair and the American and British flags?) I also have photos representing a healthy body, love and of course marriage (the engagement ring). Here is what the finished product looked like!


Ayesha's board


My cousin, Ayesha helped me out with this article and also had a lot of fun making her own board. She did get a bit carried away, resulting in the fact that her vision board is more a board of what was pretty in the magazines rather than just what she wants in life, but the main thing with these is that you have fun!


Gemma's board


My friend Gemma also made one but she used tacks and put all of her images onto a

pinboard which was a bit different from mine and Ayesha’s. Check out the pic to see this version of making a vision board.Her board was based on a theme of education and career as she has images relating to achieving high grades in her degree and also ones relating to singing and healthiness. She also wants to exercise more, which is why there’s a picture of a bike and she bites her nails but would love long ones so she put a photo of a hand with nice nails on the board.

Other options

If making a board yourself seems like too much hard work, or you don’t have any photo editing software then a great site where you can compile lots of images of things you want; be it clothes, pets, objects etc is Sign up for an account and then use the search bar to find pictures of anything you can think of. They also have cute backgrounds for your creations and when you’re done, just publish it and you can embed it on your myspace page or website, or even email it to yourself so you can put it on your desktop! Check the site out and here is an example of a collage/vision board I made on the site:


In this vision board you can see that the goals are to attain a nice house in Hollywood, something to do with filming and making money, getting a pet dog, getting married and having kids. It’s really basic as it’s just an example but you can fill yours with as many things as you like and make it pretty with different colored patterns etc.

Final thoughts

So now all that’s left to do is go and create your board! To make it easier to follow the instructions without you having to go back through the article, here they are broken down for you:

You’ll need:

For the base, either:

Poster Board (which you can buy at any stationary retailer).
Large piece of plain paper.
A drawing board that you can stick pins/tacks into.

Other essential items:

Glue or Tacks/pins
Extra writing paper
Pens/sharpies in lots of fun colors

For your visions:

Lots of magazines to cut clippings from.
A computer, the internet & a printer to search and print images you like or photos of yourself and loved ones.

What to do:

– Cut all of your images out
– Arrange them on your board or paper
– Stick or tack them all down
– Write little captions for the images saying what they represent
– Make the board extra colourful or pretty with different colored stickers or objects that you can stick down on the base, like sparkly material or magnets.


– Believe that your visions are attainable and you deserve for them to come to you. If you believe it then you can achieve it!
– Put your board in a place where you will see it every day so you will keep reminding yourself to focus on your goals and work towards them.
– Be active about making your visions a reality – Reward comes with action and nothing comes to sleepers but a dream. Don’t sleep on your dreams and goals for the future – put them into action and work towards them and you will reap the rewards!

Good luck and have fun!


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  1. 1

    Nanners said,

    Very cute idea~

  2. 2

    ondo Lady said,

    Really love this and need to do one asap. It is so crucial in reaching your goals.

  3. 3

    Tareyah said,

    I love these… I’m going to make one… now that my mind is more clear on what it is I actually want out of life. LOL

  4. 4

    Zainab said,

    thanks for the post! its super fab. MAKING MINE NOW 🙂

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    Its a fantastic article. What view!!!!!!

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