The Family


Have you been watching it? If not, WHY not?! Not only did yours truly spend the whole summer helping to make it, it’s actually darn good viewing! I love that everyone is loving the fam and it’s getting good reviews. My mum is somewhat relieved too as she was worried that they would give ‘us Punjabis a bad name’ but I have to say that my Grandad wasn’t too impressed with the showcasing of the old carrier bag on the head to set the hair dye trick. Exposure apparently. LOL.  It was so fun to work on though, and they really are that crazy and hilarious in real life. Sarbjit (the mum) is adorable!

Check it – Wednesdays, Channel 4, 9pm.


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  1. 1

    vexInTheCity said,

    You worked on it? Oh cool! That show’s so funny. I love it.

  2. 3

    SoFrolushes said,

    I only watched it last week and found it hilarious. Wow you worked on this show. When I saw it advertised I thought it was an actual show and only as I was watching it googling realised it was reality tv. I plan to watch the 1st episode as I missed that one.

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