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LA Diaries Part 3: Up In the Club

I’ve been a bit slack with these LA diaries so I thought I better get another one in before I leave! Feels like I’ve been here longer than I have, but then again it doesn’t feel like that long at all!

The British Airways Strike threatened to eff me up last week, not that I was too distraught over it. But it turns out the court overruled it so I’m still coming home on the day I planned 😦 The excitement of staying ’till January was brief but nice while it lasted.

I’ve done more shopping because I’m landing back home on Christmas Day which means I must be bearing gifts. I’ve got something for everyone now thank God! I went to the cinema again and saw The Lovely Bones. I read the book a while back and loved it. The film is pretty good too, I recommend it when it comes out in the UK! I’ve also been driving a HUGE Jeep SUV. Not very far mind you, but far enough! Driving on the wrong side of the road is pretty fun once you relax and get into it. There’s so many rules on American roads though and they’re different in every state – how confusing! I mean, I’m sure there are quite a few in England but it doesn’t feel like as many as here. I love that you can turn right on a red light though, saves so much time!

Oh I also went to a club. My first time clubbing out here cause I’m finally old enough! Now, I’m not usually big on the club thing but I wanted to experience the LA nightlife. We went to a place called MyHouse, which is where quite a few celebs go. It was definitely posh, lovely decor and expensive drinks. When I was walking to the bar I saw Amber Rose (Kanye West’s woman). She really did look hot you know! For those of you who have no idea who I’m talking about, that’s her on the right (click to make the pic bigger).

Quite a few B grade celebs were there that night too, a few actors and some of the younger Wayans. Didn’t get to see a lot of them but I was told as the person I was with knows them. Overall it was an interesting experience!

Next on the agenda before I head back home is Disneyland! That’s tomorrow, and today I think we’re going hiking in the Hollywood Hills. Now when I say hiking, I mean hiking LA style – no rocks, dusty pathways or a need for hiking boots, no. This place is a celeb magnet where the path to the top is paved (not with gold, but probably fine grade tarmac) and paparazzi litter the area. Apparently the views are amazing and you can see the Hollywood sign etc. Fun!

Oh and before I go, can I just say that it’s 24 degrees here and in London there’s 5 inches on snow on my car. What kinda foolishness?! The snow better be gone by the time I get back or I will NOT be happy! Am I the only person that doesn’t give a crap about a White Christmas but about how I’m gonna travel in 5 inches of snow?!

Snow snow go away, come again another day (preferably when I’m not there! Please & Thank You)


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L.A Diaries Part 2: Blue skies, dogs drive & I try not to expand my thighs!

Let me introduce you… this is Maxwell. Tiny Yorkie Terrier most of the time, but occasionally enjoys a spot of driving. LOL! Isn’t he cute?! He belongs to Heather and Parker, my LA family!

I’ve been here for 5 days so far and I don’t wanna come home!! This always happens – I had a dream the other night that I was in my friend Sadie’s house, wondering how the hell I got there with no recollection of ever leaving LA or saying goodbye to anyone. I felt panic rising until I suddenly opened my eyes, saw the red walls, smelt that familiar cinnamon spiced candle smell and realised with great relief that I was still here. I think I actually said ‘Oh, I’m still here, thank GOD’.

So far, apart from seeing Oman… O man (posted below) I’ve mainly shopped (which isn’t bad at all except that I’m on a budget) and tried not to eat too much (as I don’t see much exercise in my future for the next 10 days). The not eating too much part hasn’t been too hard to be honest, there’s no pressure to finish your meals here because they’re all so huge that it’s expected you’ll be taking half of it home with you. On a morning visit to IHOP for breakfast, I was looking at the calories that were conveniently displayed under every selection on the menu. I don’t know why because it’s enough to put anyone off their food! Most of the options were over 1000 calories and there wasn’t a single thing under 600! Can you imagine?! That breakfast is almost your entire caloric intake for the whole day!

After the horror subsided, I decided on a stack of two pancakes with 2 bacon rashers and a sausage patty. It was 650 calories – one of the lowest things I could find on the menu. Needless to say, it was so huge I couldn’t finish it anyway. Maybe that’s why they give you so much, cause you can never finish it so you feel like you’ve eaten less than you think.

I also had Roscoe’s the day before so I’m trying to stick to the fruits and vegetables wherever possible inbetween these nice naughties! I’m not trying to get back home and be a stone heavier – I’ve worked too hard to keep that sucker off!! I’m thinking star jumps and situps may be on my menu today.

I went to the movies yesterday too and I saw ‘Brothers’ and Disney’s ‘Princess and the Frog’. Brothers was a good watch and Jake Gyllenhaal looks hot as usual! Princess and The Frog was GREAT! I love that Disney made it like all of the classics, with the paintings instead of digital animation and the story is just like all of the old favourites. There’s a beautiful girl who becomes a princess, a handsome prince, cute animal sidekicks and obviously, the evil villain. The music was really uplifting and very Disney too – definitely go see it when it comes out! (5th February 2010 for the UK) I want to see it again!

Oh and did I ever mention how much I love Target?! It’s the most amazing store, I’ve always wondered why we don’t have one in England, but then I thought that maybe the huge Tescos and Asdas we have are basically the same thing and that America just always seems to have cooler stuff than we do.

Well, I’ll be back with more soon.

Until then… Peace, L.O.V.E & Target!

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Oman… O Man!

So far, my time in Los Angeles has been as good as it always is! On Friday I went to see Debbie Allen’s ‘Oman… O Man’ as part of my Christmas present from the people I’m staying with (Heather & Parker – more about them in following posts!) I was excited because this would be the second Debbie Allen directed play I’ve seen within a month, one in London (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) and one in LA! She’s one busy woman!

The play is centred around the theme of two boys who have enrolled in military camp in the USA. One is Omani and one is African American. They start talking about the differences between their two cultures and what is means to be a Muslim and a Christian. The stories are told through a number of dance sequences that were just thrilling! The dancers were all from the Debbie Allen Dance Academy and ranged in ages from about 30 to 5 – the kids were so adorable and all were amazing dancers! My favourite sequences were the African themed number and another that features two women, one called Aisha (from America) and one called Salame (from Oman). It highlighted the differences in opinions about being a woman in both countries, for example in America women value being independent and not answering to men and in Oman women think it’s more feminine to cater to their men but rule silently. It was very interesting.

The show was only on over the weekend and was held at the Royce Hall on UCLA’s campus. Quite a few celebs were in attendance too, I saw CCH Pounder and Yvette Nicole Brown, which was fun! I think they’re looking into taking it on tour so hopefully it might come back and maybe even to the UK. Although it was centres more around American themes it really was an important topic as a lot of people, the world over, have distorted views about Muslims and people from the Middle East because of terrorism.

Well done Ms. Allen, you did it again!

Oh, and just cause I feel like it… here’s me with Debbie in London when I went to see ‘Cat’ 🙂

Truly lovely Debbie Allen

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L.A Diaries Part 1: Hello from Los Angeles & My review featured in Precious Magazine

Hi y’all!!

I’m typing from my bed in LA. It’s 7am here and I did hope to have a photo of something interesting for you all but I haven’t broken out the camera yet! I was coming here to surprise someone special as a Christmas present and thankfully the look on her face was priceless! To make it more of a shock, her mum went to pick her (ms. special) up from her friends house and got me to walk down the road like I was going somewhere. Then, as they were driving past she pretended she saw someone she knew (me) and pulled over… SURPRISE! lol!

So it’s not as sunny as you might expect. In fact, it rained! Hopefully today will be better. Either way, I’m just glad to be here!

On a different note entirely, my review for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was picked up by Precious Magazine Online, so you can read it again here – Thanks Foluke for using it!

I’ll be back with more LA diaries for you all soon! Until next time…

Oh P.S. I KNOW you all wanna know what my nails look like right? Well, even if you don’t, I did the colour smash again, which you can see HERE

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Christmas Nail Designs

Get into the spirit of the season with these festive designs I came up with. For once, I’ve done a step by step guide for each design so you can try it out for yourself. Although I’ve told you the colours I’ve used, feel free to experiment and change them up. I did use some thinner brushes to create some of the designs but if you don’t have any then you can achieve some of the finer details with our trusty friend the TOOTHPICK.

Keep reading to see the tutorials…

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Black & Gold – Sophisticated Sparkle

Just a quick post with the nails I was rocking last week. These were a bit more subdued than what I usually have but I really like them! Classy and sassy and very easy to do, so try it yourself. All you need is black and gold polish…

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Theatre Review: CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF **Plus my pics with the cast!**

The Broadway hit ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ has finally touched down in London but you probably know that already, right? The buzz about the Tennessee Williams play has been steadily mounting and it seems like everyone’s talking about it!

Directed by the legendary Debbie Allen this is one of those rare plays that London hasn’t really seen before with a stellar cast not only comprised entirely of Black actors but featuring four of Black Hollywood’s finest A Listers.

I had the pleasure of seeing ‘Cat’ from the centre of the front row last week during their previews and was blown away by the sheer talent on the stage. Phylicia Rashad is transformed as Big Mama, Sanaa is captivating as Maggie ‘The Cat’ and James Earl Jones is perfect as cantankerous Big Daddy. Not forgetting our very own Adrian Lester who simmers as Big Daddy’s eldest and favourite son, Brick.


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