L.A Diaries Part 1: Hello from Los Angeles & My review featured in Precious Magazine

Hi y’all!!

I’m typing from my bed in LA. It’s 7am here and I did hope to have a photo of something interesting for you all but I haven’t broken out the camera yet! I was coming here to surprise someone special as a Christmas present and thankfully the look on her face was priceless! To make it more of a shock, her mum went to pick her (ms. special) up from her friends house and got me to walk down the road like I was going somewhere. Then, as they were driving past she pretended she saw someone she knew (me) and pulled over… SURPRISE! lol!

So it’s not as sunny as you might expect. In fact, it rained! Hopefully today will be better. Either way, I’m just glad to be here!

On a different note entirely, my review for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was picked up by Precious Magazine Online, so you can read it again here – http://www.preciousonline.co.uk/spotlight/theatre_2.php Thanks Foluke for using it!

I’ll be back with more LA diaries for you all soon! Until next time…

Oh P.S. I KNOW you all wanna know what my nails look like right? Well, even if you don’t, I did the colour smash again, which you can see HERE


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