LA Diaries Part 3: Up In the Club

I’ve been a bit slack with these LA diaries so I thought I better get another one in before I leave! Feels like I’ve been here longer than I have, but then again it doesn’t feel like that long at all!

The British Airways Strike threatened to eff me up last week, not that I was too distraught over it. But it turns out the court overruled it so I’m still coming home on the day I planned 😦 The excitement of staying ’till January was brief but nice while it lasted.

I’ve done more shopping because I’m landing back home on Christmas Day which means I must be bearing gifts. I’ve got something for everyone now thank God! I went to the cinema again and saw The Lovely Bones. I read the book a while back and loved it. The film is pretty good too, I recommend it when it comes out in the UK! I’ve also been driving a HUGE Jeep SUV. Not very far mind you, but far enough! Driving on the wrong side of the road is pretty fun once you relax and get into it. There’s so many rules on American roads though and they’re different in every state – how confusing! I mean, I’m sure there are quite a few in England but it doesn’t feel like as many as here. I love that you can turn right on a red light though, saves so much time!

Oh I also went to a club. My first time clubbing out here cause I’m finally old enough! Now, I’m not usually big on the club thing but I wanted to experience the LA nightlife. We went to a place called MyHouse, which is where quite a few celebs go. It was definitely posh, lovely decor and expensive drinks. When I was walking to the bar I saw Amber Rose (Kanye West’s woman). She really did look hot you know! For those of you who have no idea who I’m talking about, that’s her on the right (click to make the pic bigger).

Quite a few B grade celebs were there that night too, a few actors and some of the younger Wayans. Didn’t get to see a lot of them but I was told as the person I was with knows them. Overall it was an interesting experience!

Next on the agenda before I head back home is Disneyland! That’s tomorrow, and today I think we’re going hiking in the Hollywood Hills. Now when I say hiking, I mean hiking LA style – no rocks, dusty pathways or a need for hiking boots, no. This place is a celeb magnet where the path to the top is paved (not with gold, but probably fine grade tarmac) and paparazzi litter the area. Apparently the views are amazing and you can see the Hollywood sign etc. Fun!

Oh and before I go, can I just say that it’s 24 degrees here and in London there’s 5 inches on snow on my car. What kinda foolishness?! The snow better be gone by the time I get back or I will NOT be happy! Am I the only person that doesn’t give a crap about a White Christmas but about how I’m gonna travel in 5 inches of snow?!

Snow snow go away, come again another day (preferably when I’m not there! Please & Thank You)


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