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I finally found a use for Tumblr

As many of you know, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with Tumblr as I think it’s a great place to have a blog, but I had no use for one! At least i thought I didn’t… The Polished Prude from suggested I post all of my nail art photos there, which after a while of mulling over, I thought was a great idea! I’m going to use it as a kind of portfolio site where I can direct people if they want to see my designs.

I love the themes on Tumblr and basically the whole user experience. I think it’s really smart and it just looks so effing cool! Glad mine is finally in use. I’ve proudly named her, drumroll please…. PHRESH PAINTS! You can check me out at the following address. Make sure you bookmark me y’all!



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Loving the Leopard

Absolutely loving leopard print right now. It’s easy to do and looks flashy – and you know I like a bit of flashiness! The base for this is Barry M Bright Blue and I used my Mercia nail art pen for the leopard print. I finished off with some pink rhinestones on the middle finger. Lately my right hands have been coming out nicer than my right, which is weird considering that I’m right handed. I guess my leftie is getting more skilled!

My mum loved them so she let me do her’s too, except she opted for purple. I actually think the purple looks nicer…. What do you think? The base is Barry M again, in bright purple.

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I’ve been cooking again!

It was my Nephew/Godson’s 2nd & his dad’s 30-something birthday parties over the weekend and I decided to make them some baked goods as a form of personalised gift. Aren’t I nice?

Above are the cupcakes I made for my Nephew. There were about 25 of them in total, all varying in colours. They went down a treat with the kids! My Godmother served them on a lovely little 3 tier cake holder. They looked very sweet, as you can see from the photo on the right!

I also made my Godbrother (my nephew’s father) a carrot cake. This was my first attempt ever at making a cake and I have to say, it tasted amazing! Almost as good as Costco’s carrot cake, and that’s saying something! I think it may have had something to do with the 300ml of sunflower oil that the recipe requested, but we won’t go there. The recipe’s for all of the cakes came from the Hummingbird Bakery cook book that my mum actually got for her birthday from a friend. I’ve used it more than her and all of the cakes in there look, and taste, delicious! Even if you’re not a baker, they seem to be foolproof as even my attempts have been yummy! I highly recommend it. There are some amazing looking pies in there that I’m dying to try out too.

Here’s the carrot cake. It looks pretty similar to the one in the book, wouldn’t you say?

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Soo excited, I got my Essie ‘Matte About You’ polish in the post today! I did a design that was party inspired by some stuff I saw over at WAH NAILS BLOG who are amaaaaazing by the way! I can’t wait to visit the salon! I got a tweet from them today saying that they liked my nail art, which put a smile on my face! What do you think of the latest design then? I know matte is getting really popular among at the moment so it’s only right that I join the fashion bandwagon on this one! I used Barry M’s ‘Grey’ for the base and Barry M’s ‘Coral’ for the stripe, using a thin art brush. Some of the top coat on the shiny side spilled over, so I’m gonna be more careful with that next time!

Oh, I Also got my Konad set today. I’m not very impressed to say the least. It’s ok, but either I need to get more design plates or I’m too attached to free hand because it just didn’t grab me. It wasn’t difficult, I just didn’t think it looked that great. I’m gonna see if I can come up with some interesting things to do with it, then maybe I’ll do some posts about it.

Can the Konad experts share any tips??

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Come on over to my space!

Remember that song?! Ok, it was technically ‘My Place’ by Nelly and Jaheim. It had that really nice, old school feel to it? REMEMBER?? (Nelly’s videos always had cheesy story lines with dialogue and all, didn’t they?)

Anywho, the purpose of this post it to tell you that the lovely Ondo Lady over at The Musings of Ondo Lady has featured me in her My Space post this week! It’s a feature where she asks someone about their working space, why they use it and what inspires them about it. It’s a cool little feature, and very interesting! I got to know about a lot of different bloggers through her previous ones.

So head on over >>> and leave a comment!

That’s a photo of ‘My Space’ up there by the way!

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Ell Oh Vee Eee / L.O.V.E

I felt like I needed some lurve in my life, so I showed it on my nails this week! I used Barry M’s ‘Bright Pink’ for the base. It was kinda thick because I’ve had it for a while, but it worked well. It’s a lovely colour – this photo shows it very accurately. I used my black Mercia art pen for the words and hearts and the red Mercia art brush for the inside.

Although it might look less complicated than some of the designs I’ve done, it actually proved a bit more difficult. I think because the base coat was quite thick, the black didn’t go on very easily. It also took an age to dry, so now I have little lines in them from where I slept LOL! (Don’t you hate it when that happens?!) The black also smudged a little when I put the top coat on because it wasn’t quite dry, but I got impatient!

All in all, I like the right hand better, which is weird cause I obviously did it with my left hand and I’m right handed. It turned out pretty cute though, dontcha think? Give it a go!

Here’s my left hand:

Shoutout to Pudding Toes for the ‘Ell Oh Vee Ee’! I ❤ u! (Twitter her y’all – she’s Puddingy awesome! @sadie_iydlit)

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Lacquer Link Love 15.01.10

Get prepared as The Swatchaholic shows off her Konad skills. Bringing you her fabulous “throwback” Hello Kitty Manicure inspired by MAC’s Love Lace collection.

As Magic-Maid takes you to the Land of Oh Ahz and makes you think twice about clicking your heels to leave.

For those of you who have been pining over Chanel’s Jade nail color, PolishFreak brings you a possible dupe. And if that particular green wasn’t enough for your color fix check out Polish Up’s shade from Charlotte Russe.

The Nail Nerd gives us a little “Viva la Diva” …. as Helens Nice Things shows off a lust worthy Holographic polish from H & M.

Bright Lights Big Color shows us how to “Step Outside the Box” all while Phreshmentality shows us that a little money dedicated to our nails never hurt anybody.

Also, check out Network Giveaways….

PolishFreak is giving away a set of American Apparel’s backordered nail polishes.

Polish Galore is giving away Cina Glaze’s Up & Away Grape Pop, Seche Vite Top Coat, and a bottle of Matte Magic.

The Swatchaholic is giving away a host of different polishes along with some nail jewel accessories.

and Body Soul Beauty is hosting her weekly Friday Freebie giveaway.

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