Got a dollar bill y’all

The one dollar manicure….

In honour of my return from LA, I decided to put a dollar on it (it being my nails) and add some diamonds to create what I like to call ‘Bills & Bling’ oh yeah! Check these babies out!

In the end I used nail glue to attach the cut up bits of note to my nails as the top coat just wasn’t cutting it. Next time I think I’ll just print out the image on normal paper as it will stick easier. I had to wet the money to get it to soften up enough to stick.

Ah well, nice novelty to have real money stuck to your fingers isn’t it?! It wasn’t as hard as it may look and only took about 40 mins. The cutting was the hard part. I roughly cut the shapes out and tidied them up once they were stuck on. Next time I’ll get it to be neater!


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  1. 3

    susies1955 said,


  2. 4

    What a great idea! 🙂
    I don’t know if I would be able to use real money for my manicure though because I could buy (at least a part of) nail polish with it. 😀

  3. 6

    april said,

    This is AMAZING!!!!!

  4. 8

    L said,

    love this!!!

  5. 9

    PBG said,

    Oh wow! This is great! I would’ve never thought to do anything like this. Very hot!

    Yeah, I think regular paper would be better. American money is printed on some kind of weird hybrid paper to prevent counterfeiting. I bet it isn’t even real paper! lol!

  6. 11

    Danica said,

    Wow, I’d be way too cheap to use actual money. Maybe some Monopoly money would be cute.

  7. 14

    Miss Virtue said,

    I like this idea! And I like the fact that it’s real money! – Very creative!

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