Happy new year and all that jazz!

Yeah, I’ve been MIA… Sorry…


I’m not gonna ramble about new years resolutions and things of that matter because frankly, it’s old news now and I’ve got other stuff I wanna blog about – just gotta get this welcome to 2010 post out the way first!

Incase you hadn’t guessed, I got back from LA safe and sound – to a rather boring Christmas that made me wonder why on earth I flew back in time for it! But it’s all good. I’m missing my LA fam though!

One resolution I have made is that I WILL be living in LA by next year. I’ve always wanted to live there and every time I go it makes the feeling stronger. But this time, I’m putting my foot down! The next time I get on a plane to the states I either want it to be a one way ticket or something to do with me moving there. There’s no guarantee that will happen because I’m already planning to go for a holiday, so maybe I’ll make it more specific and say a plane to LA… Either way, I’m moving! Just need a green card now….. (any offers?)

So, welcome to ’10 y’all, and keep reading for more boombastic blog posts from moi! (some great nails coming up and ooh, I’ve been cooking! How exciting for those that get to eat it!)

This is gonna be a good year – Let’s soar! 🙂

(Photo from http://www.widgetslab.com/)


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