It’s like Narnia up in here!

Just in case you haven’t heard…. It’s snowing! This is a photo of what my garden looks like right now. I’m quite fed up of it actually, because this pretty white stuff is ruining my plans and forcing me to sit inside all day on the computer. I did, however, go for a walk. It was rather pleasant, although I did almost break my leg a few times… Slippery!

It’s about a foot deep where I am. A few people were having fun on sledges on my road. One person had even attached a sledge to the back of their car, which looked like amazing fun! My mum thought it was a death trap. I thought she was being really boring until their car got stuck and the people on the sledge crashed into the back of it. So she’s probably right.

It does look really beautiful though! There’s something very thrilling about looking out the window and seeing blankets of white over everything. Probably because it’s so unusual. Hopefully I can venture out tomorrow.

Take a look at the icicles that are starting to form… Excuse the pole. Imagine the photo without it and it really does look very pretty!


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    WOW! Your garden looks AMAZING!

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