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Erykah’s butt in that video about a window and a seat…

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, that is NOT all I saw when I watched the video for Erykah Badu’s new single ‘Window Seat’. (If you’re one of the few people that HAVEN’T seen it yet, go to and click on the Ankh. It’s exhilarating)

I’m not gonna go through all of the things people are saying about it. Just watch, and try to look beyond the nudity and all of the SURFACE things and please look to the deeper meaning of the video. The JFK references, the location, the way it was shot and the concept behind it. Also, the song is wonderful but I recommend listening to it without the video in order to appreciate it fully.

With regards to the whole GroupThink movement. Saying too much about it and this video seems to me to be perpetuating it, but I will say this: I see what Erykah’s trying to do, it’s effective, but I do think her efforts are going to inspire more GroupThink from the individuals trying to BE so individual. For example, even me liking this video, commending it and blogging about it in an effort to get others to watch it, is, could in itself be GroupThink.

However, GroupThink has also reared it’s ugly head in the form of the massive criticism the video has received. If you’re one of the people that doesn’t like or doesn’t get the video, listen to what she says at the end and think about your thoughts on the piece. Is GroupThink (in another form) leading you to judge the video before you’ve even thought about it? Nudity is not just a means to sell records or to gain attention. It’s natural, does not have to be sexual and can be an art form.

That being said, yes, my eyes were on her butt for a large portion of the video and yes, she looks great naked! LOL

P.S. Her album is out in 1 day, can’t wait!! (GroupThink THAT!)


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White Leopard

I’ve been doing a lot of variations on leopard recently. It’s so popular right now and looks great, so why not eh? I’ve just finished doing a few design wheels for when I do clients nails so I’ll post a few pics of those soon, when they’re all done!

I’ve started doing other peoples nails now as a little side business so if any of you lades (or men) fancy some phreshness on your nails, drop me an email: Phresh Paints is also a .com now, yay!

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Throw some shapes

Now that all my friends know I do nail art, that’s all they ask for when they come over! I don’t mind though, it’s fun practicing on them! I did these for my friend Jenny last week. She saw a similar Minx design that she loved so I did my best to duplicate it… with a few extra shapes!

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More Tiger Stripes

My mum loved the tiger stripe nail on my last design so she wanted it on her nails… She’s really into the whole nail art thing now and can’t bear to have her nails plain anymore… Looks like I’m rubbing off lol! Mama is fly! 🙂

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Is ‘The Game’ back on?!

I’ve been reading reports today that the TV show ‘The Game’ will be coming back! The CW canceled the show last year and then there were rumours that they inked a deal with BET to bring it back, but after that everything went quiet.

I LOVED the show when it was on.I watched it on YouTube as they didn’t air it over here, but I couldn’t wait to get my fix each week, so I for one REALLY hope this is true! I was very disappointed when it got cancelled, not least because they ended on the hugest cliff hanger ever! (I don’t care to re-hash the whole story, so those of you that watched – you know what I’m talking about!)

So the news with it at the moment is that the deal is done between The CW & BET and they just have to sort out contracts between the actors which is apparently going to happen within the next two weeks. I’m not sure if they have moved the filming location to Atlanta as previously reported.

If all goes to plan, they will start filming the new season in about 3 months. If it’s all true then this is GREAT news! It was one of the few series based shows I’ve really gotten into in a long time.

[Sources: & Photo:]

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Phresh Music Picks: DivaGeek – Sunday

I do a little writing for and the editor sent the link to a new song from Vula Malinga (Lead singer from the Basement Jaxx) and Ben Jones, who together make up the duo ‘DivaGeek’ (she’s the Diva, he’s the Geek). I love the name and this song, ‘Sunday’ is pure perfection! I haven’t stopped listening to it since I got the link last week. The electro-ness of it gives me a kinda Erykah Badu feel, especially at the beginning and as you all know – if it’s Badu, I love it!

It’s the kind of music that I love listening to, any time, anywhere and I think it has a nice twist as an electro version of a Gospel song. Positive lyrics + soulful music = PHRESH!
Vula actually said, when talking about the track, that:

“There’s times when I’m so thankful for the life I have what with my singing taking me to many countries that I had to at least dedicate one song to the Man upstairs! Ben isn’t a Christian but he loves the song, so I wrote it in a way where it can be interpreted in other positive ways not necessarily in a Christian way. It’s my way of saying, ‘Thank you’.”

I love that because I’m not a Christian but I LOVE Gospel music and songs that are positive and relate to a higher power.


Vula’s vocals have always been crazy. I saw her live at the Jazz Cafe once and she was AMAZING! There was one song that she sang, I can’t even remember the name of it but remnants of the tune have lingered in my mind, and I’m still singing it to this day.
Not only does she have a great voice, she’s lovely too. She was just milling around the venue before her performance that day and I had a brief chat with her, not actually realising who she was or that she would be performing. The penny dropped once she got on stage!

Vula released an EP in 2008 called ‘If U Want It’ which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t purchased. That will be rectified soon enough! As for her current goings on, apparently the duo will be gigging more and I’m eagerly awaiting their album which they will be releasing through their independent label, DivaGeek Records. Keep your eye out!

[Photo from Vula’s Myspace Page –]

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Peach Tiger, Blue Leopard – with studs

I have this skirt that I really love. It’s peachy orange and coral pink with tiger stripes on it. I bought it recently and have been wanting to do a nail design just like it for some time. No time like the present, I say, so this is what’s on my nails right now:

The skirt is in the background. I did try to do the cream coloured parts in the tiger print but it just didn’t look right on the nail. I love the studs and I think if I do this design again I’ll do it without the leopard print. I did think about not doing it when I saw the blue with just the gold studs, but went ahead anyway.  We live and learn, eh.

For the orange I used China Glaze’s Peachy Keen from the Up & Away collection. This, too, was one of the polishes in my recent Ebay haul but I’m not so enamoured with it to be honest. I think it blends in with my skin tone too much if I wear it alone but if I use it for some art like this I think it looks fine. It’s a nice colour, just a bit pale for me.

I used Essie’s Silver Bullions for the inside of the leopard, the pink is Barry M’s Flamingo Pink with I LOVE and the blue is a new one I bought from H&M, today in fact. I was in there browsing and in the end, picked up 3 colours – a minty green, a taupe and this pretty periwinkle blue number called ‘Blue My Mind’:

At first I wasn’t so sure how good their polishes would be, but after using this one I’m really impressed! The colour was opaque in the first coat, it went on really nicely with little to no mess, the brush is very good and it dried within minutes.
At only £2.99 each, I’ll definitely be buying more of H&M’s polishes in the future!
Also, don’t you think the bottles look similar to American Apparels polishes?

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