Catch a Four Leaf Clover

I love the song ‘4 Leaf Clover‘ by Erykah Badu. I love Badu in general really, but this one you should definitely check out, especially as it kinda relates to this next design.

This fresh green number is China Glaze’s Four Leaf Clover from the Up & Away collection. I was SO excited to get this polish when I ordered it on Ebay. I’ve been lusting after it since I saw it’s swatches on numerous blogs recently. The half moons are done with China Glaze’s OMG, which turned slightly green when I put the top coat on – quite serendipitous as it wasn’t intended but goes really well!

ALSO, Janice Dickinson from America’s Next Top Model was on the programme I work on last week and when she saw these she said, and I quote, “Oh my God, look at your hooker nails! Fabulous!” How FUNNY is that?!

In another celeb-nail related story – Rihanna’s best friend, Melissa Forde, really loved the dancehall-esque nails that were actually inspired by the Rude Boy video. Rihanna was on the show a couple of weeks ago, which is when she saw them. Both of them were very nice! 🙂


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    ElleDee said,

    Love that colour. Still don’t understand how you do it on yourself so neatly.

    Catch a four leaf clover
    Maybe we’ll get over
    Try and love might come your way

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