Peach Tiger, Blue Leopard – with studs

I have this skirt that I really love. It’s peachy orange and coral pink with tiger stripes on it. I bought it recently and have been wanting to do a nail design just like it for some time. No time like the present, I say, so this is what’s on my nails right now:

The skirt is in the background. I did try to do the cream coloured parts in the tiger print but it just didn’t look right on the nail. I love the studs and I think if I do this design again I’ll do it without the leopard print. I did think about not doing it when I saw the blue with just the gold studs, but went ahead anyway.  We live and learn, eh.

For the orange I used China Glaze’s Peachy Keen from the Up & Away collection. This, too, was one of the polishes in my recent Ebay haul but I’m not so enamoured with it to be honest. I think it blends in with my skin tone too much if I wear it alone but if I use it for some art like this I think it looks fine. It’s a nice colour, just a bit pale for me.

I used Essie’s Silver Bullions for the inside of the leopard, the pink is Barry M’s Flamingo Pink with I LOVE and the blue is a new one I bought from H&M, today in fact. I was in there browsing and in the end, picked up 3 colours – a minty green, a taupe and this pretty periwinkle blue number called ‘Blue My Mind’:

At first I wasn’t so sure how good their polishes would be, but after using this one I’m really impressed! The colour was opaque in the first coat, it went on really nicely with little to no mess, the brush is very good and it dried within minutes.
At only £2.99 each, I’ll definitely be buying more of H&M’s polishes in the future!
Also, don’t you think the bottles look similar to American Apparels polishes?


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    gildedangel said,

    That is super cute!

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    […] this is a recreation of THESE nails. But different. And with cheetah print. Not […]

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