Is ‘The Game’ back on?!

I’ve been reading reports today that the TV show ‘The Game’ will be coming back! The CW canceled the show last year and then there were rumours that they inked a deal with BET to bring it back, but after that everything went quiet.

I LOVED the show when it was on.I watched it on YouTube as they didn’t air it over here, but I couldn’t wait to get my fix each week, so I for one REALLY hope this is true! I was very disappointed when it got cancelled, not least because they ended on the hugest cliff hanger ever! (I don’t care to re-hash the whole story, so those of you that watched – you know what I’m talking about!)

So the news with it at the moment is that the deal is done between The CW & BET and they just have to sort out contracts between the actors which is apparently going to happen within the next two weeks. I’m not sure if they have moved the filming location to Atlanta as previously reported.

If all goes to plan, they will start filming the new season in about 3 months. If it’s all true then this is GREAT news! It was one of the few series based shows I’ve really gotten into in a long time.

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  1. 1

    i can’t wait! woohoooo!!!

  2. 2

    SpaceyTEE said,

    i hope it dose come back on. the game is one of my favrite shows .. you should follow my bog.



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