It’s not right, but it’s OK

I’m sure you know by now that here at Phresh Mentality, we blog about the IMPORTANT stuff! Nah, we don’t make much mention of life changing things like the new government, the volcanic ash or the oil spill in Mexico. No. We’re here to talk about the stuff that REALLY matters. And right now, that’s WHITNEY!

Those of you on twitter are probably aware, from my frantic blow by blow account of the evening, that I went to see Whitney Houston in concert at the end of April. I think Twitter is part of the reason I haven’t been blogging because I feel like I’ve put it all out into cyberspace once already. But anyway, you can hear it again!

It was a thrill to see Whitney live but as expected, she wasn’t her best at ALL. That voice of hers has most definitely left the building and got lost somewhere, cause it ain’t coming back! What made matters worse is that she did the whole live thing of changing up the melodies to the songs. That sounds good if your voice is still on point but when you’re singing classics like ‘Greatest Love of All’ and ‘I Will Always Love You’ the audience doesn’t wanna hear an alternative version, they wanna sing along dammit! You’ve already heard in my earlier post how she killed Donny Hathaway all over again with a disgraceful version of ‘A Song For You’. In tribute to MJ, no less. I could just see him shielding his eyes and ears, squealing at her to stop.

I will admit that I felt something when she starting singing ‘I Love The Lord’. That’s one of my favourite songs from ‘The Preachers Wife’ and I actually had a feeling she might do it. It was a nice moment. Her encore of ‘Million Dollar Bill’ was good too. She’s still a great performer and as always, the sweat was dripping within minutes!

Anywho, I realise all of this is about a month too late, but I wanted to write this post to address the whole issue of people wanting their money back.

I will say this:

You have nobody to blame but yourselves for spending that money.

Here’s why:

If you’re a big enough Whitney fan to buy tickets in the first place, then you must follow her career somewhat. Therefore, you would have seen her recent performances on Good Morning America or X Factor and realised she wasn’t her old self. Knowing this, you would be somewhat disillusioned to believe that she would sound any different on tour so you purchased tickets KNOWING Whitney wasn’t the old Whitney. Basically, don’t expect a racehorse when you bought a donkey. Even if it once looked like a racehorse and you paid racehorse prices for it, it looked like a donkey in the brochure. So quit complaining! Either way, they’re not getting their money back! Clive Davis has already spent it!

That is all.

[Photo source: My camera]


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