Tigers and Cheetahs DO get along!

I did these on one of my best friends under 10 (ok, she’s 11 now but 10 rhymed! I’m a poet remember…) Her name’s Bonita and just like her name, she’s very beautiful! She’s also a big Cheetah Girls fan, so naturally we went in that direction with the nails. However, she doesn’t discriminate so we let a little Tiger print in there too. Love it!

I used the periwinkle blue I got from H&M for the cheetah print (not leopard this time… yes, they’re totally different…!). Then, China Glaze’s Peachy Keen for the orange with Barry M’s Bright Pink.

Basically, this is a recreation of THESE nails. But different. And with cheetah print. Not leopard.


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