So, let’s keep it short and sweet shall we? Well, I’ll try… I’m Amber. I’m one of those ‘creative types’. I like nails, photoshop, music, iCal, curly hair, Typography, inspirational movies, words that rhyme, eyebrows and stationery. I actually like a lot more than that but I did say I’d keep it short and sweet. Funnily enough, I write about the things I like, the things I don’t quite like and the things I think I’ll one day like. I think you’ll like them too.

I work in television for my day job, for companies like MTV, Endemol, Channel 4 and the BBC to name a few. In my spare time I make music videos and promos and by night I transform into a spoken word poet. Not quite as cool as Batman or even a vampire (they’re soo in right now!) but it’s all in good fun!

I have big fat geeky love for a lot of things. You’ll find out what they are once you start reading! So go… go read! Enjoy! :).

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