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I’ve been cooking again!

It was my Nephew/Godson’s 2nd & his dad’s 30-something birthday parties over the weekend and I decided to make them some baked goods as a form of personalised gift. Aren’t I nice?

Above are the cupcakes I made for my Nephew. There were about 25 of them in total, all varying in colours. They went down a treat with the kids! My Godmother served them on a lovely little 3 tier cake holder. They looked very sweet, as you can see from the photo on the right!

I also made my Godbrother (my nephew’s father) a carrot cake. This was my first attempt ever at making a cake and I have to say, it tasted amazing! Almost as good as Costco’s carrot cake, and that’s saying something! I think it may have had something to do with the 300ml of sunflower oil that the recipe requested, but we won’t go there. The recipe’s for all of the cakes came from the Hummingbird Bakery cook book that my mum actually got for her birthday from a friend. I’ve used it more than her and all of the cakes in there look, and taste, delicious! Even if you’re not a baker, they seem to be foolproof as even my attempts have been yummy! I highly recommend it. There are some amazing looking pies in there that I’m dying to try out too.

Here’s the carrot cake. It looks pretty similar to the one in the book, wouldn’t you say?


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What’s Cooking?

Taquitos and cupcakes, that’s what! In my little bout of unemployment, I’ve turned to the oven and the hob.

While I was in LA, I ate these looovely rolled tacos called Taquitos. I was craving them so decided to give it a go myself  – they turned out pretty well and went down great with the fam at home! The Guacamole and the Salsa is also home made! Got recipe for the guac in an American cook book and the Salsa I made up after emptying a carton of chopped tomatoes into a bowl.

Taquitos are basically shredded and seasoned chicken rolled inside a corn tortilla which is then fried for 1 min in a pan of oil. Serve them with a layer of cheese & lettuce on top. TASTY!

For Christmas, my mum got a lovely cookbook by the Hummingbird Bakery all on how to make cupcakes, cakes and other baked goods. I decided to give the ‘Peaches & Cream’ cupcakes a whirl, et voilà!

They have peaches in the bottom of them and vanilla frosting on top.

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