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Erykah’s butt in that video about a window and a seat…

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, that is NOT all I saw when I watched the video for Erykah Badu’s new single ‘Window Seat’. (If you’re one of the few people that HAVEN’T seen it yet, go to and click on the Ankh. It’s exhilarating)

I’m not gonna go through all of the things people are saying about it. Just watch, and try to look beyond the nudity and all of the SURFACE things and please look to the deeper meaning of the video. The JFK references, the location, the way it was shot and the concept behind it. Also, the song is wonderful but I recommend listening to it without the video in order to appreciate it fully.

With regards to the whole GroupThink movement. Saying too much about it and this video seems to me to be perpetuating it, but I will say this: I see what Erykah’s trying to do, it’s effective, but I do think her efforts are going to inspire more GroupThink from the individuals trying to BE so individual. For example, even me liking this video, commending it and blogging about it in an effort to get others to watch it, is, could in itself be GroupThink.

However, GroupThink has also reared it’s ugly head in the form of the massive criticism the video has received. If you’re one of the people that doesn’t like or doesn’t get the video, listen to what she says at the end and think about your thoughts on the piece. Is GroupThink (in another form) leading you to judge the video before you’ve even thought about it? Nudity is not just a means to sell records or to gain attention. It’s natural, does not have to be sexual and can be an art form.

That being said, yes, my eyes were on her butt for a large portion of the video and yes, she looks great naked! LOL

P.S. Her album is out in 1 day, can’t wait!! (GroupThink THAT!)


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Arts & Crafts for Sunday afternoons: Make a VISION BOARD!



A while back I did an article on how to make a vision board on and recently I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about them and how important they are in mapping your future goals, so I thought I’d resurrect the post over here for all you lovely people! Enjoy and let me know if any of you makes one! Click ‘more’ to find out how!

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Don’t Surrender

Don’t Surrender

Your loneliness so quickly.

Let it cut more Deep

Let it ferment and season you

As few human

Or even divine ingredients can.

Something missing in

my heart tonight

Has made my eyes so soft,

My voice so Tender

My need of God

Absolutely Clear.”

– Hafiz

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BIG talent often comes in small packages

I just watched the below video. It’s of Jazmine Sullivan, when she was 11, singing ‘home’ from The Wiz. (one of my favourite songs! Love stephanie mills!) JAZ WAS AMAZING, and still is. You GOTTA check this out, even if you’re not a fan, she will blow you away. Her vocals are so on point it’s scary, and even more so when you remember that she was only 11. love this girl!

I used to work on an amazing site called Young Black Starz, so i was in the know about all of the hugely talented kids out there. Mainly in America though, but when I say these kids had talent, i MEAN talent. Real, RAW talent. there are so many kids out there with huge talent, it’s crazy how good they’re getting at such young ages these days, and how they’re making themselves known too. The internet truly is a wonderful thing for talent that needs to be noticed. Check out one of my favourite young singers Jamia Simone Nash for instance. She was only 6 when she performed ‘fallin’ at the Apollo Theatre for the first time, and since then she’s really gone places! Her albums coming out soon i think! You all may remember her from My Wife and Kids though… that’s where most UK peeps have seen her.  oh, and on the subject of my wife and kids, please go out and support by buying the DVD of season 1, which is in shops now! I know people in the UK LOVED them some michael kyle, so show ya love people! Help my girl Parker make some money too LOL.

Back to Jamia – Below is a video of her at the apollo again, also singing home. she was 9 when she did this. Check it out below. She’s great!

Jazmine and Jamia have very different voices and i think both of them were amazing respectively but as much as i love me some Jamia, and think that little girl is a prodigy, you gotta love the power coming out of Jaz. No doubt the girl can blow. Although both girls were around the same age when performing the songs, Jamia is still only 12 now, and Jaz is 21 i believe.

Your thoughts?? Whose performance did you like better?

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I can see clearly now the rain has gone

Whassup whassup, how is everyone? (that means you, Sarah and the other 2 people that might read this blog lol – Sadie and …..umm….. ok, 1 person) I’m back and feeling rested, rejuvenated and revised. My outlook is so PHRESH right now, I’m feeling goood baby! Jamaica definitely has a good effect on the soul, cause mine is singing. I’m about 5 shades darker too – feeling glowing and healthy, although it’s starting to fade a bit now. All i know is that I’m bloody freezing now i’m back. I don’t do well in cold weather. WHY is it still snowing tho? 8 inches is enough! am I the only person that’s not that excited about it? I did go out and play in it today cause it did look pretty amazing (my snowman was beyond pathetic tho, he didn’t even deserve to be photographed – shame!) but although it’s given me a couple extra days off work and is nice to look at, i’m BORED! This idle time has made me appreciate having something to get up for in the morning. i’ve been disgustingly lazy today and it doesn’t feel good at all. What a waste of time! I can’t believe having days like this was a normal occurence during uni – time well spent huh…….

So nothing groundbreaking has happened since I got back. I’ve definitely caught some Caribbean vibes tho cuz i feel so relaxed about everything. No more doubt, no more worry, just carrying on working hard and going with the flow. Things out there made me realise that life’s too short to agonise about what is to come. It’s about seizing the opportunities. As long as I’m living right and doing my part then what I want will come. Faith. Another thing I feel is CONTENTMENT. I had a really memorable conversation with Gbonju before i left, and one of the things we spoke about was being content. I am definitely feeling that now. I hope it continues. I intend it to, it’s a great feeling. I think what may have helped was the lack of television and advertising exposure i had on holiday. It was great not being influenced by anything I saw on the tv or in a magazine. I really and truly didn’t want for anything or feel like i needed to have or change anything for the whole 2 weeks. And it’s funny that now I’m back i’ve started thinking about this bag that I really want or those shoes that I just HAVE to have…. Let me nip that in the bud before I get back to my old ways.

Well, there isn’t really much else to talk about, so i’ll leave you with a poem. I need to remember and believe these words, as do all of the other women I know and love – if they aren’t doing so already. We all need bit of encouragement sometimes (at least i know i do….)

When you are feeling like your strength is wavering and hope is fading
remember you are a WOMAN
a being of towering strength who can
withstand pains greater than the largest ocean
a woman who can
endure trials harder than the most of rocks

In times of doubt and darkened despair
take peace in knowing, you are a WOMAN
a beautiful Goddess filled with light and love
brimming with confidence that can swallow doubt whole

You are a WOMAN
life giver
love receiver
self sacrificer
soul seeker
divine pleaser

So many aspects to an amazing being
your beauty is overwhelming
emanating from the deepest parts of your soul
to the very tips of your toes
let your aura surround you
cascade around you
a blanket of peace and serenity
and take comfort in knowing
you are a WOMAN
phenomenal and magnificent
beautiful and wonderful
enduring and amazing
daughter and sister
mother and wife
uniquely you
capable of wonders beyond your knowledge
my faith in you is unwavering and honest
accept the wonder of YOU as others do
see your wondrous spirit as we all do
let it fill you
flow in and through you
a fountain of energy bringing force and faith to you

Hold on
hold on to all of this – WOMAN
let this knowledge of your power influence and define you
know that you, feminine and pure
epitomy and definition of life and beauty, strength and love
you, WOMAN, can conquer anything.

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It’s been a while, but I’m here…

So the last time i wrote a blog it was the 23rd of December…. wow, look how good i am at keeping up with this thing. don’t use me as an example of what a good blogger should be, but then again i felt a bit better when i read Josephs first post in about 15 days and realised i’m not the only one. That’s what prompted me to write something actually, but i didn’t have much to say earlier. However, my evening was interesting and something really wonderful happened to me on the way home today that i knew i had to blog about. more on that later… (if you just want to read that part then feel free to skip all this other blabbing and scroll down)

Hmm, since my last post it’s been Christmas and New Year which all passed by nicely but uneventfully, but it all seems like old news now so we’ll move on.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my career lately and what my life plan is. I’ve started to write down a lot of long term and short term goals in a proper list, cuz although i did write things down before, its always good to solidly write them so you’re clear on what you want and it therefore makes it easier to concentrate on making them a reality. Believe it or not, it was actually Soulja Boy of all people that reminded and inspired me to do this. That no rapping little boy gets on my last nerve but who knew he actually used his brain cell and did something as intelligent as writing down his goals. and who would have guessed that by some circumstance, it really did all come true.  ….that’s if he’s telling the truth of course. But that’s by the by. Here’s what he actually said:

“In high school, I had this black composition notebook where I used to write down a list of goals: weekly goals, monthly ones, yearly ones, and one for my whole life. In there I had: get a record deal; have a number one song; have a platinum album; get a shoe line and clothing line; invent a dance everyone would do; get my mom out the hood; even little things like get a real watch or do all my homework. One day, I left the notebook in class and this dude found it. He read it out loud in front of everybody when I wasn’t there, trying to embarrass me. Mark my words, a year later, everything in that book had come true. I got the last laugh.”

So, in true Soulja Boy form, i too wrote my goals in a black composition American style notebook and I expect for them all to be coming to pass sometime in the next few years of my lifetime. Sooner rather than later if possible, but that’s up to me really isn’t it.

Otherwise this week has actually been really good for me. Blessings all the way through, prayers were definitely being answered, but i actually didn’t realise most of it until it was all over. Typical. But it’s a lesson to be more aware. SO grateful for it all, always. I’ll get back to the point of this post though.

If you read any part of this blog entry, read this….

This evening I went to the January Sales event hosted by Guvna B to support ACLT Blood and Bone Marrow Charity (check them out HERE – great cause). The event was live but anyway, i got some mc donalds on the way home but got full before i could start the chicken burger so i thought i’d save it for later. so i was sitting on the underground thinking it would be well good if i could give this untouched burger to a homeless person, cuz i didn’t really want it and that way it wouldn’t get wasted. then i remembered that theyre never in the underground usually cuz u hav to pay to get in n stuff so i was like ah well, maybe another time. i got off to change and as i was going down to the line, i got to the bottom of the stairs and sitting in front of me on the floor was a homeless man and his dog with a sign reading something along the lines of ‘very hungry’ on it and i thought wooow, God worked fast on that one! so i gave him my burger, he was well happy and i had a nice lil smile about it on the way home.

Proper made me smile, lol. I think cause i wasn’t really expecting that i would be able to give the burger to anyone, so i was happs that he got to satisfy a bit of hunger. Hope it doesn’t give him a stomach ache tho, cuz u know how mc d’s can be! Ah well, you can’t be too picky if youre relying on other people to give you want you want lol. Seriously though, it was a reminder for me that prayers do get answered. Been getting that confirmation a lot this week. Maybe God’s tryna tell me something…..

So, to continue with this theme of blessings, I’m going to share with you a few things that I hope will bless your day or your life as much as they do mine:

1. Tyler Perry’s newsletter. I love receiving them. They come at unexpected times but they always seem to come when you need to hear them the most. Try them out, i guarantee you will get something from them. Click HERE to check out the previous letters and to subscribe if you like what you read.

2. A video on ‘Keeping The Confidence’ from YouTube user BeautifulBrwnBabyDol. Great messages that can be applied to almost every situation, not just the one outlined. Click HERE to get motivated.

3.  Ummm, there isn’t actually a number 3, so how about something that’s always good for you and good for me? Go bless yourself and your body – drink a glass of water right now to get on track to your 8 a day. It will make you more hydrated so your brain and body can work better and your skin will thank you for it too!

Take care guys. Thanks for reading if you did! Shout out to Joseph for motivating me to get back at this. I’m off to add more goals to my life plan page. Go be a succeeder and start your list too! Ooh, that can be number 4! Yay 🙂

Grateful for all t

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Amber Lights

My mum once said to me that life would be perfect for her if it was like a series of green traffic lights, meaning there were no obstacles and you could sail through it with no problems, that everything was easy basically. I didn’t really like that idea and then I realised that I actually want my life to be a series of amber traffic lights. At every stage I want it to be my choice whether the light turns green or red, and if i want it bad enough, I want to put in the effort and perseverance it takes to turn the light green. For me, having them all green is too easy. I mean, it’s nice to have an easy life and not have to struggle but where is the sense of pride and achievement if you never have to work for anything? There’s no fun in that and you can’t measure your talent or worth against anything if you’re always handed everything. Also, it’s nice to have a choice. You might not always want the light to be green, sometimes you might want it to be red. So really, with amber you can never lose…. 🙂

I’m on my loooong awaited 2 weeks off from work now (yay!) and as usual, the time off has got me thinking about where my life is going and what my next step towards the bigger picture is. Trouble is that right now I know what the bigger picture is but I’m not so sure what the steps to get to it are, and they’re just as important. So that’s what I’m working on. Right now I want to be more diciplined. I think that will help me to work on all of the things I need to be doing as well as carry on working hard at my job. No one can say I don’t work hard for my money, cause I bloody well do, but I need to work on things for myself too and for my future, especially as I have so many things i want to achieve. I need to have more faith in myself and what I can do if i’m ever gonna do something with my talents. although its good to help others, its not always good to use your skills building their dreams and neglecting your own. this is a lesson i’ve learnt recently so i’m gonna focus more on making my own visions a reality  from now on.

I love my grandma – not someting i’ve JUST realised, but something I wanted to share….. she has always been my inspiration and always will be but this is confirmed even more every time i see her and we talk. she’s an amazingly strong woman who has achieved so much – she’s a bilingual writer, recording artist, international performer, public speaker and she runs a charity and centre for women. Even at 69 she’s still got aims that she’s working towards and is making more goals for herself all the time. she’s the definition of a hard worker and i feel empowered just knowing her blood runs through my veins. she’s an example not just to me but to everyone who has a vision, as she’s made all of her visions a reality and is continuting to do so. i’m so proud of her for the person she is, what she’s accomplished and what i’ve learnt from her examples.  one thing i do know is that failure is NOT an option in this life, and if i succeed only to honour all of the sacrifices that i’m a product of, then i will have done my job.

ANYhoo, enough of the deep stuff. in other news…….. I am actually SICK of Westfield. So sick that I can’t actually think of anything worse than stepping foot in there again. The walk to it from my office (which is literally only 5 minutes) feels like the Green Mile and seems to be getting longer and longer the more i have to walk it. It was so good at first but the love affair was short lived. I’m sure I’ll love it again once i start back at work as it really is amazing and convenient, but for now, i hate it.

Hmmm, how can i end on a light note? a christmas song would be nice…. I can’t believe the 25th is like 3 days away! I’ve never worked this close to Christmas before…..maybe because i’ve never worked before….. so the holiday ‘season’ has completely passed me by. I’m trying to get in the mood now though. I’m looking forward to being with the fam and visiting everyone, even though my mum up and left me this xmas. Thank God i’ve got a car and places to go where other loved ones are willing to take me in and feed me. i swear thats been my life, lol….mothers…. So back to the songs – my all time favourite christmas song is ‘This Christmas’ by Donny Hathaway. I actually love Christmas songs and I have a home made mix cd of soulful christmas jams that i press play on every year, but of all of them, this one remains my favourite. I also like India.Arie and Stevie Wonders version of ‘The Christmas Song’, but I can’t find that on youtube so all you’ve got is Donny….. Merry Christmas everyone!

P.S. congrats if you got this far – that was a LONG post!

here’s your reward. Enjoy!

LOL I just discovered this 12 days of christmas parody, it’s mad. If you’re indian youll totally get it but if not, youll probably still get it but it might be a bit less funny, but still funny. at least we can laugh at ourselves eh :p …. omg i actually love it.

Laterzzzz xxxxx

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