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We’re open for business!

That’s right, tell your auntie, your cousin and your mama too… Phresh Paints is open and we wanna paint you!

You’ve seen the designs on the blog, now you can get them for yourself! If you want nails adorned with fabulous custom designs that are guaranteed to turn heads then look no further! Email or join the FACEBOOK GROUP and get your bookings in NOW!

The service is mobile, so we come to you! Read on for more information…

♥ Prices range from £10-£25 depending on designs

♥ Discounted prices for group bookings

♥ £20 minimum on all bookings

♥ Shape, Bottom Coat & Top Coat included

I definitely recommend booking in groups. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s more fun! It’s always great to get together with your friends and have a girly night in while you’re pampered!

Great for Hen nights, birthday parties and a cool theme for kids parties too!

Spread the word and make sure you contact me to get your bookings in early!

Check out and join the FACEBOOK GROUP to see photos for design ideas & pricing.


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Erykah’s butt in that video about a window and a seat…

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, that is NOT all I saw when I watched the video for Erykah Badu’s new single ‘Window Seat’. (If you’re one of the few people that HAVEN’T seen it yet, go to and click on the Ankh. It’s exhilarating)

I’m not gonna go through all of the things people are saying about it. Just watch, and try to look beyond the nudity and all of the SURFACE things and please look to the deeper meaning of the video. The JFK references, the location, the way it was shot and the concept behind it. Also, the song is wonderful but I recommend listening to it without the video in order to appreciate it fully.

With regards to the whole GroupThink movement. Saying too much about it and this video seems to me to be perpetuating it, but I will say this: I see what Erykah’s trying to do, it’s effective, but I do think her efforts are going to inspire more GroupThink from the individuals trying to BE so individual. For example, even me liking this video, commending it and blogging about it in an effort to get others to watch it, is, could in itself be GroupThink.

However, GroupThink has also reared it’s ugly head in the form of the massive criticism the video has received. If you’re one of the people that doesn’t like or doesn’t get the video, listen to what she says at the end and think about your thoughts on the piece. Is GroupThink (in another form) leading you to judge the video before you’ve even thought about it? Nudity is not just a means to sell records or to gain attention. It’s natural, does not have to be sexual and can be an art form.

That being said, yes, my eyes were on her butt for a large portion of the video and yes, she looks great naked! LOL

P.S. Her album is out in 1 day, can’t wait!! (GroupThink THAT!)

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Phresh Music Picks: DivaGeek – Sunday

I do a little writing for and the editor sent the link to a new song from Vula Malinga (Lead singer from the Basement Jaxx) and Ben Jones, who together make up the duo ‘DivaGeek’ (she’s the Diva, he’s the Geek). I love the name and this song, ‘Sunday’ is pure perfection! I haven’t stopped listening to it since I got the link last week. The electro-ness of it gives me a kinda Erykah Badu feel, especially at the beginning and as you all know – if it’s Badu, I love it!

It’s the kind of music that I love listening to, any time, anywhere and I think it has a nice twist as an electro version of a Gospel song. Positive lyrics + soulful music = PHRESH!
Vula actually said, when talking about the track, that:

“There’s times when I’m so thankful for the life I have what with my singing taking me to many countries that I had to at least dedicate one song to the Man upstairs! Ben isn’t a Christian but he loves the song, so I wrote it in a way where it can be interpreted in other positive ways not necessarily in a Christian way. It’s my way of saying, ‘Thank you’.”

I love that because I’m not a Christian but I LOVE Gospel music and songs that are positive and relate to a higher power.


Vula’s vocals have always been crazy. I saw her live at the Jazz Cafe once and she was AMAZING! There was one song that she sang, I can’t even remember the name of it but remnants of the tune have lingered in my mind, and I’m still singing it to this day.
Not only does she have a great voice, she’s lovely too. She was just milling around the venue before her performance that day and I had a brief chat with her, not actually realising who she was or that she would be performing. The penny dropped once she got on stage!

Vula released an EP in 2008 called ‘If U Want It’ which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t purchased. That will be rectified soon enough! As for her current goings on, apparently the duo will be gigging more and I’m eagerly awaiting their album which they will be releasing through their independent label, DivaGeek Records. Keep your eye out!

[Photo from Vula’s Myspace Page –]

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Boxing Kitten

A while back, I saw THIS designer profile on Maya A. Lake, the founder of Boxing Kitten. I immediately loved her line as I’m a huge fan of bold prints, bright colours and especially ethnic prints! Tribal and African prints are set to be a huge trend for Spring/Summer ’10, so naturally Boxing Kitten is steadily garnering more attention, helped by the fact that Alicia Keys and Beyonce just wore custom made pieces in their new video for ‘Put It In a Love Song’.

Stars like Erykah Badu, Solange and Fergie have already been seen wearing Maya’s clothes and I’m hoping the range will be more widely available soon because I would LOVE to rock some of the Boxing Kitten dresses come summer! It’s soo me! The only problem is the price tag, which I’m suspecting has gone up since the line has become more popular with the celebs, so I may be turning to Ebay for something similar if my funds don’t quite cut it.

Check out to see the entire range in the online store and to read more about Maya – she’s a very inspiring woman and a great example to all young entrepreneurs!

Oh and P.S. My birthday’s coming up in May, so if anybody wants to put some funds in a jar to buy me the dress below, I will proper love you forever. Like, really, truly love you! (It’s only $181.30 which is really £115.60, so a real bargain if you ask me! Ok, who am I kidding, but look at it, in all it’s clashing print glory and tell me you don’t love it?! HAWT!)

(All images from and edited by myself)

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Minty Phreshness!

My Essie Mint Candy Apple arrived and I immediately put it to use! I love the look with the rhinestones, and the one below with the white stripes and rhinestones. They compliment each other really nicely to give a more subdued look. It reminded me of some Indian clothing you get in light colours, embroidered with silver and clear gems. Really lovely. The polish went on really easily and was nice and thick on the first coat, which was a good surprise, especially as some lighter polishes look streaky on the first coat. The colour really pops too! Love it! (The colour is more accurate in the photo below)

Oh and I had to cut all of my nails off cause I broke two of them and hate having them different lengths! I have to say, it’s a nice change to do some designs for shorter nails and they should grow back soon!

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Christmas Nail Designs

Get into the spirit of the season with these festive designs I came up with. For once, I’ve done a step by step guide for each design so you can try it out for yourself. Although I’ve told you the colours I’ve used, feel free to experiment and change them up. I did use some thinner brushes to create some of the designs but if you don’t have any then you can achieve some of the finer details with our trusty friend the TOOTHPICK.

Keep reading to see the tutorials…

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Black & Gold – Sophisticated Sparkle

Just a quick post with the nails I was rocking last week. These were a bit more subdued than what I usually have but I really like them! Classy and sassy and very easy to do, so try it yourself. All you need is black and gold polish…

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