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Where dreams come true

Of course, I’m talking about Disney!

My friend Jenny came to visit me last week and we happened to get a bit nostalgic and started to watch some old Disney movies, which being me, made me want to put some Mickey and Minnie loving on my nails. So voila, the result of an hour and a half poring over my nails with a paintbrush dipped in several colours of acrylic paint. I’m proud to say that Mickey & Minnie are all HAND PAINTED by myself – Jenny is witness to this!

Jen opted to pay homage to our favourite female mouse in a more subdued fashion. She had an impending interview to attend and didn’t want to look like a weirdo with Mickey Mouse on her nails… I guess it’s just me who doesn’t care when I go to interviews with every colour of the rainbow on the end of my fingers?

If you look closely, Minnie’s bow is adorning the pinkies! Adorable 🙂


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