Christmas Nail Designs

Get into the spirit of the season with these festive designs I came up with. For once, I’ve done a step by step guide for each design so you can try it out for yourself. Although I’ve told you the colours I’ve used, feel free to experiment and change them up. I did use some thinner brushes to create some of the designs but if you don’t have any then you can achieve some of the finer details with our trusty friend the TOOTHPICK.

Keep reading to see the tutorials…


Colours needed: Red, White & Gold

FYI: All of this will be made easier with the use of a thinner brush.

1. After applying the all important base coat, paint your nails with a white polish.

2. Using a red polish with very little paint on the brush to achieve a thinner effect, paint the shape of a walking stick or a hook. This is the candy cane.

3. Use the white polish again with a small amount of polish on the brush to create the white stripes and then use a gold to make the bow.


Colours needed: Blue, White, Black & Red

FYI: Use a toothpick to make the dots of snow & the snowman’s buttons and eyes.

1. After applying base coat paint your nails with the blue polish.

2. With the white polish, make two blobs with the brush – one larger than the other. Then, dab a toothpick in some white polish and dot around the snowman’s shape to create the snowflakes.

3. Again using a toothpick, this time with black polish, make the snowman’s mouth, eyes and buttons. Then with a toothpick or very little paint on the brush, use the red polish to make the nose and scarf.


Colours needed: Red, Green, Black & Gold

FYI: Using less paint on the brush with make it easier to create the triangles as you can flatten the brush out more to create a sharper edge. Thin brushes will make this a WHOLE lot easier though!

1. After applying base coat, paint your nails red.

2 & 3. With the green polish, make three triangle shapes on top of one another.

4. Using the black polish, make a stump for the tree. A toothpick might be useful for this.

5. Finally, make a star with the gold polish and you can also create some tinsel around the tree too.


Colours needed: Gold, Green & Red

FYI: If you don’t have a thin brush I would recommend doing this one on your thumb as you’ll have more space.

1. After applying base coat paint your nails with the gold polish.

2. The easiest way to create the holly shape is to draw an ‘M’ and a ‘W’ on top of one another, then add a point to each end. Then put three red dots in a triangle at the centre.


Colours needed: Green, Purple, Black & Gold

FYI: Sparkly nail colours will make this design stand out more and make it look more like the real thing!

1. After applying base coat, paint your nails green.

2. With the purple polish make a large round dot in the centre of your nail.

3. Make a little round hanger at the top of the circle with the gold polish, then decorate the ornament or bauble with the black. You can create whatever design you like inside the ball – hopefully you can be a little more creative with yours!

Ok, so that’s it for the designs. Hope you like them and can attempt to recreate them yourself. Once you try it I think you’ll see that they’re not THAT hard! Have fun and Happy Holidays! 🙂

Oh, and these designs were also shown on and you can check out the post HERE


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    Gah! So adorable! Next time I’m in LDN, I’m officially hiring you to do my nails missy!

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